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Main tournaments (leagues, championships, cups) list

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Teams list (rankings) and match statistics

Wins, %Draws, %Losses, %Points, %Ranking
1HC Banska Bystrica80903-08-202048.521.629.959.364.0
2HC Kosice108303-08-202055.517.527.164.258.2
3HK Nitra102203-08-202045.818.036.254.857.3
4HK Zvolen102003-08-202046.718.734.656.054.6
5HK Poprad98803-08-202042.319.638.152.150.6
6Dukla Trencin99603-08-202041.519.639.051.350.4
7Slovan Bratislava100503-08-202044.318.637.153.641.0
8HC Nove Zamky23703-08-202030.422.447.341.632.9
9MHK Zilina89103-23-201931.118.350.640.231.2
10DVTK MiskolcHUN HUN11503-08-202035.723.540.947.430.0
11HK Liptovsky Mikulas57002-21-202028.915.855.336.827.5
12HC Detva20403-08-202027.913.258.834.627.1
13MAC BudapestHUN HUN12003-08-202031.716.751.740.026.1
14Dukla Michalovce7403-08-202035.123.041.946.625.0
15Mountfield Martin71604-09-201735.119.345.744.723.4
16HK Skalica74404-10-201838.713.747.645.619.2
17SHK Piestany25704-03-201635.823.041.247.318.2
18HK Orange 2029012-05-20188.69.082.413.15.6
19Lev Poprad5402-26-201224.122.253.735.24.2
20HC 46 Bardejov1604-03-201625.
21MHK Kezmarok11202-27-200925.016.158.933.03.0
22HK Spisska Nova Ves4703-09-201027.714.957.435.12.7
23MHK Dubnica5403-01-20057.47.485.211.10.4

The ranking table shows the relative strength of the teams of the selected country or region at the moment (season).
The Sport12x (team) ranking is calculated according to the results of all (from the website database) team matches in various tournaments and depends on the percentage of points scored and the number of matches played, the relative strength of the tournaments and the date of the match are also taken into account.

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