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Teams list (rankings) and match statistics (last 3 years)

Wins, %Draws, %Losses, %Points, %Ranking
1Sporting Cristal13410-29-202350.729.120.165.365.5
2Alianza Lima11511-09-202357.421.720.968.364.3
3Melgar Arequipa12910-29-202351.223.325.662.862.1
4Universitario Lima11911-09-202348.724.426.960.960.0
5Sport Huancayo10710-29-202341.126.232.754.249.3
6Cesar Vallejo10910-28-202341.326.632.154.649.2
7Cienciano Cusco10010-28-202339.
8ADT Tarma7210-29-202331.936.131.950.040.7
9Universidad Cajamarca9910-20-202330.328.341.444.438.9
10Alianza Atletico9810-29-202334.719.445.944.438.2
11Sport Boys10010-28-202333.
12Deportivo Binacional10010-29-202336.
13Grau Piura7010-29-202332.930.037.147.936.2
14FC Carlos Mannucci9810-29-202329.623.546.941.335.4
15CD Municipal Lima9510-28-202333.716.849.542.135.0
16FC Cusco6110-28-202331.127.941.045.132.5
17Deportivo Garcilaso3510-29-202334.337.128.652.931.3
18AD Cantolao9810-28-202322.421.456.133.228.1
19FC Ayacucho7611-13-202223.725.051.336.224.3
20Union Comercio3810-29-202326.323.750.038.223.4
21Universidad San Martin6310-30-202219.019.061.928.616.8
22Alianza Universidad2610-30-202123.123.153.834.612.4
23FC Carlos Stein3810-30-202213.221.165.823.711.8

The ranking table shows the relative strength of the teams of the selected country or region at the moment (season).
The Sport12x (team) ranking is calculated according to the results of all (from the website database) team matches in various tournaments and depends on the percentage of points scored and the number of matches played, the relative strength of the tournaments and the date of the match are also taken into account.

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