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Main tournaments (leagues, championships, cups) list

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Teams list (rankings) and match statistics

Wins, %Draws, %Losses, %Points, %Ranking
1Olimpia Asuncion44611-28-202051.326.222.464.566.7
2Cerro Porteno49011-29-202051.422.925.762.964.7
3Libertad Asuncion51111-29-202052.123.524.563.863.5
4Guarani Asuncion43911-29-202049.022.128.960.058.1
5Sol de America40311-26-202033.
6Nacional Asuncion43911-22-202034.427.837.848.343.8
7Sportivo Luqueno41011-29-202031.530.238.346.641.6
8Deportivo Capiata32012-15-201931.927.540.645.634.1
9General Diaz Luque34611-29-202026.030.143.941.032.6
10River Plate Asuncion12011-28-202024.223.352.535.826.4
11Sportivo San Lorenzo11811-27-202019.529.750.834.323.6
12Deportivo Santani13612-15-201922.131.646.337.922.6
13Guairena Villarrica3011-27-202026.746.726.750.021.7
14Independiente Asuncion13504-17-201925.228.146.739.321.6
15Rubio Nu26512-15-201725.328.746.039.621.5
16FC 12 de Octubre Itaugua7411-29-202020.327.052.733.819.2
17CA 3 de Febrero8812-08-201819.330.750.034.714.7
18Sportivo Trinidense4412-10-201711.443.245.533.010.3
19General Caballero4412-16-201625.029.545.539.810.3
20Sportivo Carapegua8812-05-201321.629.548.936.47.4
21Cerro Porteno PF8812-07-201326.121.652.336.97.2
22Tacuary Asuncion4612-15-201215.228.356.529.34.1

The ranking table shows the relative strength of the teams of the selected country or region at the moment (season).
The Sport12x (team) ranking is calculated according to the results of all (from the website database) team matches in various tournaments and depends on the percentage of points scored and the number of matches played, the relative strength of the tournaments and the date of the match are also taken into account.

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