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Main tournaments (leagues, championships, cups) list

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Teams list (rankings) and match statistics (last 3 years)

Wins, %Draws, %Losses, %Points, %Ranking
1LDU Quito12404-11-202450.827.421.864.565.7
2Independiente del Valle12804-14-202453.123.423.464.864.9
3Barcelona Guayaquil12404-14-202444.429.026.658.957.6
4Aucas Quito10604-12-202444.329.226.459.055.3
5Emelec Guayaquil11704-13-202441.033.325.657.754.3
6Universidad Catolica Quito8904-14-202451.725.822.564.653.6
7Delfin Manta9504-12-202435.831.632.651.645.5
8El Nacional Quito4404-14-202445.522.731.856.837.5
9Tecnico Universitario Ambato9104-13-202427.531.940.743.437.5
10Orense Machala9004-13-202426.735.637.844.436.8
11Deportivo Cuenca9204-12-202428.329.342.442.936.5
12Mushuc Runa9104-13-202426.429.744.041.234.4
13Guayaquil City8212-02-202323.228.048.837.227.9
14Cumbaya FC6804-13-202420.632.447.136.827.8
15Macara Ambato6004-13-202423.331.745.039.226.7
16Gualaceo SC5912-02-202327.118.654.236.424.6
17FC 9 de Octubre6010-23-202228.326.745.041.723.9
18Libertad Loja3704-14-202418.929.751.433.820.8
19FC Manta2211-28-202118.236.445.536.412.2
20Imbabura SC804-14-202425.012.562.531.39.8
21Olmedo Riobamba2211-28-20219.118.272.718.25.6

The ranking table shows the relative strength of the teams of the selected country or region at the moment (season).
The Sport12x (team) ranking is calculated according to the results of all (from the website database) team matches in various tournaments and depends on the percentage of points scored and the number of matches played, the relative strength of the tournaments and the date of the match are also taken into account.

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