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Football. Argentina. League Cup 2022

Tournament table on 05-22-2022

   stats iconHead-to-head
Boca Juniors BATigre Victoria   3:0  
1/ 2 FinalResults
Boca Juniors BARacing Avellaneda   0:0  (6:5)
Tigre VictoriaArgentinos Juniors BA   1:1  (3:1)
1/ 4 FinalResults
Boca Juniors BADefensa y Justicia   2:0  
Racing AvellanedaAldosivi Mar del Plata   5:0  
Estudiantes La PlataArgentinos Juniors BA   1:1  (3:4)
River Plate BATigre Victoria   1:2  

Group APWDLGoals•••PtsForm
1.Racing Avellaneda1486025-101.8-0.7  1.130 D  D  D  W  W 
2.River Plate BA1492331-122.2-0.9  1.429 W  W  D  L  W 
3.Defensa y Justicia1474326-191.9-1.4  0.525 W  W  D  L  D 
4.Argentinos Juniors BA1474321-161.5-1.1  0.425 W  D  D  W  W 
5.Gimnasia La Plata1473424-201.7-1.4  0.324 W  W  W  W  L 
6.Newells Old Boys1472517-151.2-1.1  0.123 L  L  D  W  W 
7.Sarmiento Junin1463517-241.2-1.7 -0.521 L  L  D  W  W 
8.CA Banfield1454518-151.3-1.1  0.219 D  D  W  L  L 
9.Union Santa Fe1452711-130.8-0.9 -0.117 L  L  L  L  L 
10.San Lorenzo BA1436515-171.1-1.2 -0.115 D  W  L  W  D 
11.Atletico Tucuman1425713-230.9-1.6 -0.711 D  W  D  L  D 
12.Talleres Cordoba143299-210.6-1.5 -0.911 W  L  L  W  L 
13.Platense Florida1424812-230.9-1.6 -0.810 L  D  D  L  D 
14.Patronato Parana14311010-250.7-1.8 -1.110 L  L  W  L  L 
Group BPWDLGoals•••PtsForm
1.Estudiantes La Plata1484233-202.4-1.4  0.928 L  W  D  W  W 
2.Boca Juniors BA1476119-111.4-0.8  0.627 W  W  W  D  D 
3.Tigre Victoria1455417-121.2-0.9  0.420 L  L  D  L  W 
4.Aldosivi Mar del Plata1462617-161.2-1.1  0.120 L  L  L  D  W 
5.Barracas Central BA1461717-241.2-1.7 -0.519 W  L  D  W  L 
6.Velez Sarsfield BA1446413-120.9-0.9  0.118 W  W  D  L  D 
7.Huracan Buenos Aires1453617-191.2-1.4 -0.118 L  W  W  D  L 
8.Arsenal Sarandi1438320-191.4-1.4  0.117 W  W  D  L  D 
9.Colon Santa Fe1437418-191.3-1.4 -0.116 L  L  D  D  D 
10.Independiente Avellaneda1437417-181.2-1.3 -0.116 W  L  L  D  D 
11.CD Godoy Cruz1437421-241.5-1.7 -0.216 L  W  D  D  D 
12.CA Lanus1436517-181.2-1.3 -0.115 D  W  D  W  D 
13.CA Central Cordoba1436517-231.2-1.6 -0.415 D  L  L  W  D 
14.Rosario Central1442816-201.1-1.4 -0.314 W  L  W  L  L 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

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Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws  
Football. Argentina. League Cup: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Goals (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence  
Football. Argentina. League Cup: Goals - home-away
TotalHalf 1Half 2   
Football. Argentina. League Cup: Goals - scored by periods
Over / Under
70.9%  /  29.1%50.2%  /  49.8%27.1%  /  72.9%

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 02-10-2022 - 05-22-2022

Results of tournament matches

 05-22 2022Boca Juniors BATigre Victoria3:0 (1:0,  2:0)Final
 05-15 2022Tigre VictoriaArgentinos Juniors BA2:1P(0:0,  1:1;  ;  3:1)1/ 2
 05-14 2022Boca Juniors BARacing Avellaneda1:0P(0:0,  0:0;  ;  6:5)1/ 2
 05-11 2022River Plate BATigre Victoria1:2 (0:1,  1:1)1/ 4
 Estudiantes La PlataArgentinos Juniors BA1:2P(1:0,  0:1;  ;  3:4)1/ 4
 05-10 2022Boca Juniors BADefensa y Justicia2:0 (1:0,  1:0)1/ 4
 Racing AvellanedaAldosivi Mar del Plata5:0 (2:0,  3:0)1/ 4
 05-09 2022CA BanfieldAtletico Tucuman1:1 (1:0,  0:1)
 CA Central CordobaCA Lanus3:3 (3:1,  0:2)
 Colon Santa FeVelez Sarsfield BA1:2 (0:1,  1:1)
 05-08 2022River Plate BAPlatense Florida2:1 (1:1,  1:0)
 Argentinos Juniors BAUnion Santa Fe2:1 (1:0,  1:1)
 Defensa y JusticiaPatronato Parana1:0 (0:0,  1:0)
 Gimnasia La PlataNewells Old Boys3:1 (1:1,  2:0)
 Talleres CordobaSarmiento Junin1:0 (0:0,  1:0)
 05-07 2022Rosario CentralEstudiantes La Plata3:1 (2:0,  1:1)
 Aldosivi Mar del PlataArsenal Sarandi1:2 (1:0,  0:2)
 Independiente AvellanedaHuracan Buenos Aires3:0 (1:0,  2:0)
 Tigre VictoriaBoca Juniors BA0:2 (0:1,  0:1)
 05-06 2022Barracas Central BACD Godoy Cruz3:1 (2:1,  1:0)
 San Lorenzo BARacing Avellaneda1:1 (0:1,  1:0)
 05-02 2022Huracan Buenos AiresRosario Central2:1 (0:1,  2:0)
 Platense FloridaArgentinos Juniors BA1:1 (0:1,  1:0)
 CD Godoy CruzCA Central Cordoba1:0 (1:0,  0:0)
 Union Santa FeDefensa y Justicia1:2 (0:1,  1:1)
 04-30 2022CA LanusIndependiente Avellaneda1:0 (0:0,  1:0)
 Sarmiento JuninRiver Plate BA0:7 (0:3,  0:4)
 Arsenal SarandiColon Santa Fe2:0 (0:0,  2:0)
 Boca Juniors BABarracas Central BA2:0 (1:0,  1:0)
 Racing AvellanedaCA Banfield1:1 (0:0,  1:1)
 Velez Sarsfield BATigre Victoria3:2 (3:1,  0:1)
 Atletico TucumanTalleres Cordoba3:0 (2:0,  1:0)
 04-29 2022Patronato ParanaGimnasia La Plata0:6 (0:3,  0:3)
 Estudiantes La PlataAldosivi Mar del Plata2:1 (1:0,  1:1)
* - after overtime / extratime, P - after shootouts

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