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Basketball. Japan. B. League 2022-2023

Tournament table on 05-28-2023

   stats iconHead-to-head
Chiba Jets FunabashiRyukyu Golden Kings0-2  93: 96*   73: 88  
1/ 2 FinalSeriesResults
Chiba Jets FunabashiAlvark Tokyo2-0  89: 66    93: 62  
Ryukyu Golden KingsYokohama B-Corsairs2-0  86: 70    88: 84  
1/ 4 FinalSeriesResults
Chiba Jets FunabashiHiroshima Dragonflies2-1  70: 72    98: 69    96: 91  
Ryukyu Golden KingsNagoya Diamond Dolphins2-0  91: 85    92: 81  
Shimane Susanoo MagicAlvark Tokyo1-2  86: 71    72: 82    82: 83  
Kawasaki Brave ThundersYokohama B-Corsairs0-2  86: 91    84:104  
* - after overtime

TeamPWWOLOLBalls •••%
1.Chiba Jets Funabashi605320787.5-74.5  13.088.3
2.Shimane Susanoo Magic6048321282.5-74.5  8.080.0
3.Ryukyu Golden Kings6048501280.0-73.0  7.180.0
4.Nagoya Diamond Dolphins6043211784.7-76.1  8.771.7
5.Alvark Tokyo6042101877.0-70.9  6.070.0
6.Hiroshima Dragonflies5941111883.7-78.0  5.869.5
7.Kawasaki Brave Thunders6040212082.0-77.4  4.666.7
8.Yokohama B-Corsairs6033012782.0-78.8  3.255.0
9.Utsunomiya Brex6032202873.2-71.7  1.553.3
10.Shinshu Brave Warriors5929023074.8-72.9  1.949.2
11.Akita Northern Happinets6029123178.2-77.2  1.048.3
12.Gunma Crane Thunders6029223180.9-82.4 -1.548.3
13.Sun Rockers Shibuya6028233281.7-84.3 -2.646.7
14.SeaHorses Mikawa6027113377.0-78.9 -1.845.0
15.Osaka Evessa6027113377.2-78.9 -1.845.0
16.Ibaraki Robots6023123780.0-81.3 -1.338.3
17.San-en NeoPhoenix6023233777.9-80.9 -3.038.3
18.Kyoto Hannaryz6022023876.8-80.6 -3.836.7
19.Nagoya Fighting Eagles6022013873.4-77.9 -4.536.7
20.Levanga Hokkaido6019034180.2-87.4 -7.231.7
21.Sendai 89ers6019434171.9-76.6 -4.731.7
22.Toyama Grouses6015034578.5-85.8 -7.425.0
23.Shiga Lakestars6014414675.6-85.2 -9.623.3
24.Niigata Albirex BB6013234774.1-85.7 -11.621.7

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

League is the main (strongest) basketball tournament/championship in Japan.

Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws 
Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Points (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence 
Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: Points - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 09-29-2022 - 05-28-2023

Results of tournament matches

 05-28 2023Chiba Jets FunabashiRyukyu Golden Kings73:88 Final
 05-27 2023Chiba Jets FunabashiRyukyu Golden Kings93:96*(16:19)Final
 05-21 2023Chiba Jets FunabashiAlvark Tokyo93:62 1/ 2
 Ryukyu Golden KingsYokohama B-Corsairs88:84 1/ 2
 05-20 2023Chiba Jets FunabashiAlvark Tokyo89:66 1/ 2
 Ryukyu Golden KingsYokohama B-Corsairs86:70 1/ 2
 05-15 2023Chiba Jets FunabashiHiroshima Dragonflies96:91 1/ 4
 Shimane Susanoo MagicAlvark Tokyo82:83 1/ 4
 05-14 2023Kawasaki Brave ThundersYokohama B-Corsairs84:104 1/ 4
 Chiba Jets FunabashiHiroshima Dragonflies98:69 1/ 4
 05-13 2023Shimane Susanoo MagicAlvark Tokyo72:82 1/ 4
 Ryukyu Golden KingsNagoya Diamond Dolphins92:81 1/ 4
 Kawasaki Brave ThundersYokohama B-Corsairs86:91 1/ 4
 Chiba Jets FunabashiHiroshima Dragonflies70:72 1/ 4
 05-12 2023Ryukyu Golden KingsNagoya Diamond Dolphins91:85 1/ 4
 Shimane Susanoo MagicAlvark Tokyo86:71 1/ 4
 05-07 2023Osaka EvessaIbaraki Robots95:81
 Kawasaki Brave ThundersSun Rockers Shibuya71:88
 Alvark TokyoNagoya Diamond Dolphins63:73
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesShimane Susanoo Magic64:77
 SeaHorses MikawaSan-en NeoPhoenix78:86
 Utsunomiya BrexChiba Jets Funabashi82:80
 Akita Northern HappinetsLevanga Hokkaido102:92
 Sendai 89ersGunma Crane Thunders84:67
 Yokohama B-CorsairsToyama Grouses81:84
 Hiroshima DragonfliesRyukyu Golden Kings73:70
 Kyoto HannaryzShiga Lakestars85:69
 Niigata Albirex BBShinshu Brave Warriors72:94
 05-06 2023Niigata Albirex BBShinshu Brave Warriors62:71
 Alvark TokyoNagoya Diamond Dolphins92:93
 Osaka EvessaIbaraki Robots62:82
 Kyoto HannaryzShiga Lakestars82:83*(10:11)
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesShimane Susanoo Magic62:81
 SeaHorses MikawaSan-en NeoPhoenix95:75
 Sendai 89ersGunma Crane Thunders85:91*(9:15)
 Utsunomiya BrexChiba Jets Funabashi89:92
 Yokohama B-CorsairsToyama Grouses89:95
 Akita Northern HappinetsLevanga Hokkaido89:68
 Kawasaki Brave ThundersSun Rockers Shibuya79:70
 Hiroshima DragonfliesRyukyu Golden Kings71:78
 04-30 2023Chiba Jets FunabashiAlvark Tokyo94:66
 Gunma Crane ThundersNagoya Fighting Eagles88:79
 Ibaraki RobotsAkita Northern Happinets89:75
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsKyoto Hannaryz77:58
 San-en NeoPhoenixNiigata Albirex BB69:87
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsSeaHorses Mikawa61:73
 Levanga HokkaidoSendai 89ers86:74
 Shiga LakestarsUtsunomiya Brex68:81
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaYokohama B-Corsairs90:89
 Shimane Susanoo MagicHiroshima Dragonflies87:65
 Toyama GrousesKawasaki Brave Thunders79:100
 Ryukyu Golden KingsOsaka Evessa86:72
 04-29 2023Toyama GrousesKawasaki Brave Thunders95:76
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaYokohama B-Corsairs95:91
 Chiba Jets FunabashiAlvark Tokyo89:75
 Gunma Crane ThundersNagoya Fighting Eagles74:58
 Levanga HokkaidoSendai 89ers81:74
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsKyoto Hannaryz80:64
 San-en NeoPhoenixNiigata Albirex BB80:98
 Ibaraki RobotsAkita Northern Happinets91:82
 Ryukyu Golden KingsOsaka Evessa75:64
 Shiga LakestarsUtsunomiya Brex74:86
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsSeaHorses Mikawa61:75
 Shimane Susanoo MagicHiroshima Dragonflies74:87
 04-23 2023Ryukyu Golden KingsSun Rockers Shibuya90:84
 Osaka EvessaShiga Lakestars83:82
 Kawasaki Brave ThundersSan-en NeoPhoenix75:91
 Gunma Crane ThundersChiba Jets Funabashi73:98
 Kyoto HannaryzShimane Susanoo Magic87:82
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesNagoya Diamond Dolphins82:80
 SeaHorses MikawaYokohama B-Corsairs83:78
 Levanga HokkaidoIbaraki Robots92:98
 Sendai 89ersAlvark Tokyo65:70
 Niigata Albirex BBToyama Grouses94:89
 04-22 2023Kawasaki Brave ThundersSan-en NeoPhoenix90:83
 Ryukyu Golden KingsSun Rockers Shibuya73:72
 Niigata Albirex BBToyama Grouses89:77*(14:2)
 Osaka EvessaShiga Lakestars82:76
 Akita Northern HappinetsUtsunomiya Brex80:85
 Gunma Crane ThundersChiba Jets Funabashi78:80
 Kyoto HannaryzShimane Susanoo Magic71:79
 Levanga HokkaidoIbaraki Robots70:65
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesNagoya Diamond Dolphins71:84
 SeaHorses MikawaYokohama B-Corsairs67:78
 Sendai 89ersAlvark Tokyo62:75
 Hiroshima DragonfliesShinshu Brave Warriors80:83
 04-21 2023Akita Northern HappinetsUtsunomiya Brex72:86
 04-19 2023Alvark TokyoGunma Crane Thunders91:73
 Utsunomiya BrexLevanga Hokkaido62:53
 Akita Northern HappinetsSendai 89ers95:89
 Hiroshima DragonfliesShiga Lakestars99:88
 Ibaraki RobotsChiba Jets Funabashi65:76
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsShimane Susanoo Magic83:93
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesRyukyu Golden Kings69:76
 Osaka EvessaKyoto Hannaryz88:92
 SeaHorses MikawaKawasaki Brave Thunders68:95
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsSun Rockers Shibuya77:71
 Toyama GrousesSan-en NeoPhoenix94:105
 Yokohama B-CorsairsNiigata Albirex BB88:80
 04-16 2023Alvark TokyoNagoya Fighting Eagles83:65
 Chiba Jets FunabashiLevanga Hokkaido80:54
 Gunma Crane ThundersUtsunomiya Brex57:82
 Ibaraki RobotsSendai 89ers94:71
 Kyoto HannaryzAkita Northern Happinets75:70
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsHiroshima Dragonflies91:83
 San-en NeoPhoenixYokohama B-Corsairs87:84*(15:12)
 Shiga LakestarsRyukyu Golden Kings81:89
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaSeaHorses Mikawa104:110
 Shimane Susanoo MagicOsaka Evessa74:73
 Niigata Albirex BBKawasaki Brave Thunders83:96
 Toyama GrousesShinshu Brave Warriors102:96
 04-15 2023Niigata Albirex BBKawasaki Brave Thunders74:88
 Toyama GrousesShinshu Brave Warriors65:95
 Alvark TokyoNagoya Fighting Eagles80:85
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaSeaHorses Mikawa94:87
 Chiba Jets FunabashiLevanga Hokkaido96:71
 Gunma Crane ThundersUtsunomiya Brex79:71
 Ibaraki RobotsSendai 89ers90:91
 Kyoto HannaryzAkita Northern Happinets73:78
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsHiroshima Dragonflies91:88
 San-en NeoPhoenixYokohama B-Corsairs83:90
 Shiga LakestarsRyukyu Golden Kings82:85
 Shimane Susanoo MagicOsaka Evessa88:91
* - after overtime

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