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Basketball. Japan. B. League 2023-2024

Tournament table on 05-13-2024

   stats iconHead-to-head
1/ 2 FinalSeriesResults
Nagoya Diamond DolphinsHiroshima Dragonflies0-0   : 
Ryukyu Golden KingsChiba Jets Funabashi0-0   : 
1/ 4 FinalSeriesResults
Nagoya Diamond DolphinsSeaHorses Mikawa2-0  78: 69    84: 75  
Alvark TokyoRyukyu Golden Kings1-2  80: 81*   73: 69    57: 58  
Utsunomiya BrexChiba Jets Funabashi1-2  70: 82    67: 58    93:103* 
San-en NeoPhoenixHiroshima Dragonflies0-2  70: 77    66: 69  
* - after overtime

TeamPWWOLOLBalls •••%Form
1.Utsunomiya Brex605110981.4-69.1  12.385.0 W  W  W  W  L 
2.Alvark Tokyo6048211280.6-69.4  11.180.0 W  W  W  l  W 
3.San-en NeoPhoenix6046201489.2-78.9  10.276.7 L  L  W  W  L 
4.Nagoya Diamond Dolphins6041211983.4-78.8  4.668.3 W  W  W  W  W 
5.Ryukyu Golden Kings6041421981.3-76.4  4.868.3 W  L  L  L  L 
6.Hiroshima Dragonflies6036022478.9-73.0  5.960.0 L  W  W  W  W 
7.SeaHorses Mikawa6036112479.9-75.4  4.560.0 W  W  L  W  W 
8.Chiba Jets Funabashi6035132583.4-80.7  2.758.3 l  W  L  L  L 
9.Sun Rockers Shibuya6035202574.9-73.7  1.258.3 W  W  W  L  W 
10.Nagoya Fighting Eagles6033102775.7-74.9  0.855.0 W  W  L  W  W 
11.Kawasaki Brave Thunders6033222779.8-77.8  2.055.0 L  w  L  W  L 
12.Shimane Susanoo Magic6032312880.9-78.1  2.853.3 L  L  L  L  L 
13.Gunma Crane Thunders6031412979.0-81.1 -2.151.7 L  W  L  w  L 
14.Akita Northern Happinets6030113073.8-74.8 -1.050.0 w  L  W  W  W 
15.Saga Ballooners6029223174.6-74.4  0.248.3 L  L  W  L  W 
16.Sendai 89ers6027113378.9-80.4 -1.445.0 W  L  L  W  W 
17.Nagasaki BC6027133380.4-82.6 -2.245.0 w  W  W  L  W 
18.Osaka Evessa6025213578.7-82.2 -3.641.7 W  W  L  W  L 
19.Yokohama B-Corsairs6024323676.3-81.6 -5.340.0 W  l  L  W  L 
20.Levanga Hokkaido6017014375.1-81.7 -6.528.3 L  L  L  L  L 
21.Kyoto Hannaryz6017064376.2-83.0 -6.828.3 l  L  W  L  L 
22.Ibaraki Robots6012134875.8-85.8 -10.020.0 L  L  W  L  W 
23.Shinshu Brave Warriors6010125071.8-82.1 -10.416.7 L  L  W  L  W 
24.Toyama Grouses604015671.8-85.6 -13.86.7 L  L  L  L  L 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

  1 -  8 : to Play off

League is the main (strongest) basketball tournament/championship in Japan.

Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws 
Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Points (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence 
Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: Points - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 10-05-2023 - 05-13-2024

Statistics of points in graphs and Mathematics

Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: Match total and Gauss (Normal) distribution

Quantity of matches (sample size): 2599, period of time: 10-24-2020 - 05-13-2024

Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: 
stats iconStatistics and Mathematics (expanded) 

Results of tournament matches

 05-18 2024Ryukyu Golden KingsChiba Jets Funabashi1/ 2
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsHiroshima Dragonflies1/ 2
 05-13 2024Utsunomiya BrexChiba Jets Funabashi93:103*(19:29)1/ 4
 Alvark TokyoRyukyu Golden Kings57:58 1/ 4
 05-12 2024Nagoya Diamond DolphinsSeaHorses Mikawa84:75 1/ 4
 San-en NeoPhoenixHiroshima Dragonflies66:69 1/ 4
 05-11 2024Utsunomiya BrexChiba Jets Funabashi67:58 1/ 4
 Alvark TokyoRyukyu Golden Kings73:69 1/ 4
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsSeaHorses Mikawa78:69 1/ 4
 San-en NeoPhoenixHiroshima Dragonflies70:77 1/ 4
 05-10 2024Utsunomiya BrexChiba Jets Funabashi70:82 1/ 4
 Alvark TokyoRyukyu Golden Kings80:81*(13:14)1/ 4
 05-06 2024Kyoto HannaryzNagasaki BC102:105*(19:22)
 Saga BalloonersNagoya Diamond Dolphins68:80
 05-05 2024Gunma Crane ThundersSendai 89ers79:98
 Ibaraki RobotsUtsunomiya Brex64:88
 Kyoto HannaryzNagasaki BC65:82
 SeaHorses MikawaSan-en NeoPhoenix79:72
 Akita Northern HappinetsChiba Jets Funabashi93:88*(20:15)
 Osaka EvessaShimane Susanoo Magic74:67
 Saga BalloonersNagoya Diamond Dolphins77:81
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaShinshu Brave Warriors82:59
 Yokohama B-CorsairsKawasaki Brave Thunders87:79
 Hiroshima DragonfliesRyukyu Golden Kings80:89
 Toyama GrousesNagoya Fighting Eagles59:80
 05-04 2024Toyama GrousesNagoya Fighting Eagles70:77
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaShinshu Brave Warriors94:79
 Yokohama B-CorsairsKawasaki Brave Thunders92:98*(8:14)
 Gunma Crane ThundersSendai 89ers97:85
 Ibaraki RobotsUtsunomiya Brex59:100
 SeaHorses MikawaSan-en NeoPhoenix91:74
 Akita Northern HappinetsChiba Jets Funabashi72:88
 Hiroshima DragonfliesRyukyu Golden Kings69:59
 Levanga HokkaidoAlvark Tokyo78:85
 Osaka EvessaShimane Susanoo Magic92:73
 05-03 2024Levanga HokkaidoAlvark Tokyo66:78
 04-28 2024Kawasaki Brave ThundersSun Rockers Shibuya77:79
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesKyoto Hannaryz75:77
 Alvark TokyoGunma Crane Thunders80:64
 Chiba Jets FunabashiUtsunomiya Brex74:85
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsRyukyu Golden Kings86:79
 San-en NeoPhoenixToyama Grouses103:80
 SeaHorses MikawaSaga Ballooners79:89
 Akita Northern HappinetsLevanga Hokkaido65:54
 Nagasaki BCOsaka Evessa84:66
 Sendai 89ersIbaraki Robots74:85
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsYokohama B-Corsairs83:56
 Shimane Susanoo MagicHiroshima Dragonflies51:65
 04-27 2024Alvark TokyoGunma Crane Thunders86:90*(9:13)
 Nagasaki BCOsaka Evessa85:87
 Sendai 89ersIbaraki Robots96:73
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesKyoto Hannaryz89:87
 Chiba Jets FunabashiUtsunomiya Brex55:82
 Kawasaki Brave ThundersSun Rockers Shibuya69:68
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsRyukyu Golden Kings83:77
 San-en NeoPhoenixToyama Grouses89:64
 SeaHorses MikawaSaga Ballooners73:65
 Akita Northern HappinetsLevanga Hokkaido73:65
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsYokohama B-Corsairs69:79
 Shimane Susanoo MagicHiroshima Dragonflies67:71
 04-21 2024Ryukyu Golden KingsNagasaki BC84:91
 Kawasaki Brave ThundersSeaHorses Mikawa81:97
 Gunma Crane ThundersAkita Northern Happinets72:101
 Ibaraki RobotsChiba Jets Funabashi99:91
 Utsunomiya BrexAlvark Tokyo61:70
 Hiroshima DragonfliesOsaka Evessa83:71
 Kyoto HannaryzSaga Ballooners52:73
 Sendai 89ersLevanga Hokkaido85:83
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaSan-en NeoPhoenix66:63
 Yokohama B-CorsairsNagoya Fighting Eagles65:75
 Toyama GrousesShinshu Brave Warriors73:74
 04-20 2024Kawasaki Brave ThundersSeaHorses Mikawa69:65
 Ryukyu Golden KingsNagasaki BC98:67
 Toyama GrousesShinshu Brave Warriors62:71
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaSan-en NeoPhoenix92:87
 Sendai 89ersLevanga Hokkaido83:74
 Gunma Crane ThundersAkita Northern Happinets89:59
 Ibaraki RobotsChiba Jets Funabashi83:89
 Kyoto HannaryzSaga Ballooners88:87
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsShimane Susanoo Magic93:63
 Utsunomiya BrexAlvark Tokyo80:76
 Hiroshima DragonfliesOsaka Evessa91:77
 Yokohama B-CorsairsNagoya Fighting Eagles67:96
 04-19 2024Nagoya Diamond DolphinsShimane Susanoo Magic100:85
 04-17 2024Alvark TokyoChiba Jets Funabashi78:67
 Ryukyu Golden KingsSaga Ballooners101:97*(23:19)
 Utsunomiya BrexSendai 89ers81:75
 Gunma Crane ThundersLevanga Hokkaido90:98
 Ibaraki RobotsAkita Northern Happinets94:81
 Kyoto HannaryzShimane Susanoo Magic80:92
 Nagasaki BCHiroshima Dragonflies89:78
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesKawasaki Brave Thunders78:95
 Osaka EvessaNagoya Diamond Dolphins92:76
 San-en NeoPhoenixShinshu Brave Warriors95:75
 SeaHorses MikawaYokohama B-Corsairs77:55
 Toyama GrousesSun Rockers Shibuya59:63
 04-14 2024Alvark TokyoIbaraki Robots79:67
 Chiba Jets FunabashiGunma Crane Thunders88:75
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsNagoya Fighting Eagles67:84
 Akita Northern HappinetsSendai 89ers82:76
 Hiroshima DragonfliesToyama Grouses83:65
 Levanga HokkaidoUtsunomiya Brex67:84
 Osaka EvessaKyoto Hannaryz83:93
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsKawasaki Brave Thunders76:80
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaSeaHorses Mikawa67:81
 Yokohama B-CorsairsSan-en NeoPhoenix92:99
 Shimane Susanoo MagicRyukyu Golden Kings77:73
 Saga BalloonersNagasaki BC73:80
 04-13 2024Saga BalloonersNagasaki BC61:63
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaSeaHorses Mikawa81:76
 Alvark TokyoIbaraki Robots88:65
 Chiba Jets FunabashiGunma Crane Thunders96:65
 Levanga HokkaidoUtsunomiya Brex79:71
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsNagoya Fighting Eagles98:87
 Yokohama B-CorsairsSan-en NeoPhoenix82:90
 Akita Northern HappinetsSendai 89ers72:76
 Hiroshima DragonfliesToyama Grouses84:46
 Osaka EvessaKyoto Hannaryz101:100*(14:13)
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsKawasaki Brave Thunders82:90
 Shimane Susanoo MagicRyukyu Golden Kings66:80
* - after overtime

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