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Basketball. Japan. B. League 2022-2023

Tournament table on 02-05-2023

   stats iconHead-to-head
TeamPWWOLOLBalls •••%Form
1.Chiba Jets Funabashi353210387.5-73.3  14.291.4 W  W  W  W  W 
2.Alvark Tokyo352900677.9-69.9  8.082.9 W  W  W  W  W 
3.Shimane Susanoo Magic352822783.5-75.0  8.580.0 W  w  W  W  W 
4.Nagoya Diamond Dolphins352721886.7-74.8  11.977.1 W  W  L  w  W 
5.Hiroshima Dragonflies352610982.7-76.5  6.274.3 L  W  L  W  L 
6.Ryukyu Golden Kings352640980.0-72.8  7.274.3 W  W  w  W  L 
7.Yokohama B-Corsairs3521001481.3-77.4  4.060.0 L  L  W  L  W 
8.Gunma Crane Thunders3319121481.5-80.5  1.057.6 W  W  l  L  W 
9.Akita Northern Happinets3520121579.9-76.1  3.757.1 W  W  W  W  L 
10.Kawasaki Brave Thunders3520211579.7-77.4  2.357.1 L  W  L  W  W 
11.Nagoya Fighting Eagles3518001775.0-76.1 -1.151.4 L  L  L  L  L 
12.Utsunomiya Brex3518201771.8-71.8  0.051.4 W  W  W  L  W 
13.Shinshu Brave Warriors3517021874.7-71.9  2.848.6 W  L  W  l  L 
14.Osaka Evessa3517111875.6-76.7 -1.148.6 L  L  W  W  W 
15.San-en NeoPhoenix3515122080.0-81.1 -1.142.9 L  W  L  L  l 
16.Sun Rockers Shibuya3313232081.9-85.9 -4.039.4 W  L  L  L  w 
17.Kyoto Hannaryz3513002276.7-80.1 -3.437.1 L  W  L  W  L 
18.Ibaraki Robots3512112378.9-82.5 -3.634.3 W  L  L  w  L 
19.SeaHorses Mikawa3512112374.1-78.5 -4.434.3 L  L  W  l  W 
20.Sendai 89ers3511212471.5-75.4 -3.931.4 L  L  W  W  w 
21.Levanga Hokkaido358032781.7-90.5 -8.822.9 L  l  W  L  L 
22.Toyama Grouses356022976.1-85.5 -9.417.1 L  L  L  L  l 
23.Niigata Albirex BB355133071.0-86.3 -15.314.3 L  L  L  L  L 
24.Shiga Lakestars355313072.3-86.2 -13.914.3 W  L  L  L  L 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

League is the main (strongest) basketball tournament/championship in Japan.


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Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws 
Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Points (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence 
Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: Points - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 09-29-2022 - 02-05-2023

Statistics of points in graphs and Mathematics

Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: Match total and Gauss (Normal) distribution

Quantity of matches (sample size): 978, period of time: 10-24-2020 - 05-22-2022

Basketball. Japan. B. B. League: 
stats iconStatistics and Mathematics (expanded) 

Results of tournament matches

 02-05 2023Alvark TokyoOsaka Evessa68:61
 1.45 20.93  3.16  5.0%
 Gunma Crane ThundersSeaHorses Mikawa75:69
 1.95 18.85  2.05  5.0%
 Ibaraki RobotsKyoto Hannaryz90:75
 2.10 18.85  1.91  5.0%
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesAkita Northern Happinets72:77
 4.46 24.61  1.27  5.0%
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsKawasaki Brave Thunders75:74
 2.04 18.85  1.96  5.0%
 Sendai 89ersNagoya Diamond Dolphins72:82
 2.99 20.47  1.50  5.0%
 Shiga LakestarsSan-en NeoPhoenix89:84
 2.51 19.39  1.66  5.0%
 Yokohama B-CorsairsChiba Jets Funabashi82:93
 3.38 21.49  1.41  5.0%
 Hiroshima DragonfliesSun Rockers Shibuya74:92
 1.37 22.20  3.63  5.0%
 Ryukyu Golden KingsToyama Grouses89:65
 1.32 23.28  4.00  5.0%
 Shimane Susanoo MagicLevanga Hokkaido97:78
 1.48 20.56  3.04  5.0%
 Niigata Albirex BBUtsunomiya Brex54:86
 3.34 21.40  1.42  5.0%
 02-04 2023Shinshu Brave WarriorsKawasaki Brave Thunders77:79
 Niigata Albirex BBUtsunomiya Brex64:104
 Alvark TokyoOsaka Evessa74:66
 Gunma Crane ThundersSeaHorses Mikawa87:72
 Ibaraki RobotsKyoto Hannaryz79:85
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesAkita Northern Happinets55:74
 Sendai 89ersNagoya Diamond Dolphins74:90
 Yokohama B-CorsairsChiba Jets Funabashi75:98
 Shiga LakestarsSan-en NeoPhoenix79:87
 Hiroshima DragonfliesSun Rockers Shibuya90:78
 Ryukyu Golden KingsToyama Grouses105:81
 Shimane Susanoo MagicLevanga Hokkaido101:96*(14:9)
 01-29 2023Alvark TokyoNiigata Albirex BB67:63
 Gunma Crane ThundersRyukyu Golden Kings77:84*(7:14)
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsShinshu Brave Warriors58:82
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesChiba Jets Funabashi72:92
 Osaka EvessaSun Rockers Shibuya78:74
 San-en NeoPhoenixShimane Susanoo Magic64:81
 SeaHorses MikawaIbaraki Robots74:65
 Utsunomiya BrexHiroshima Dragonflies81:73
 Levanga HokkaidoKawasaki Brave Thunders102:95
 Sendai 89ersShiga Lakestars81:64
 Yokohama B-CorsairsKyoto Hannaryz79:78
 Toyama GrousesAkita Northern Happinets80:98
 01-28 2023Gunma Crane ThundersRyukyu Golden Kings74:83
 Toyama GrousesAkita Northern Happinets72:86
 Osaka EvessaSun Rockers Shibuya94:78
 Alvark TokyoNiigata Albirex BB90:79
 Levanga HokkaidoKawasaki Brave Thunders79:98
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsShinshu Brave Warriors104:96*(23:15)
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesChiba Jets Funabashi58:97
 San-en NeoPhoenixShimane Susanoo Magic64:71
 SeaHorses MikawaIbaraki Robots94:95*(14:15)
 Sendai 89ersShiga Lakestars74:68
 Utsunomiya BrexHiroshima Dragonflies66:72
 Yokohama B-CorsairsKyoto Hannaryz76:80
 01-22 2023Kawasaki Brave ThundersRyukyu Golden Kings76:72
 Levanga HokkaidoYokohama B-Corsairs77:99
 Ibaraki RobotsNagoya Diamond Dolphins73:77
 Kyoto HannaryzGunma Crane Thunders73:91
 Utsunomiya BrexNagoya Fighting Eagles67:62
 Akita Northern HappinetsOsaka Evessa79:83
 Shiga LakestarsShimane Susanoo Magic69:84
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsChiba Jets Funabashi70:71
 Niigata Albirex BBSeaHorses Mikawa77:81
 Toyama GrousesSendai 89ers77:81*(10:14)
 Hiroshima DragonfliesAlvark Tokyo63:66
 01-21 2023Kawasaki Brave ThundersRyukyu Golden Kings82:93*(7:18)
 Niigata Albirex BBSeaHorses Mikawa93:73
 Toyama GrousesSendai 89ers75:73
 Levanga HokkaidoYokohama B-Corsairs82:98
 Ibaraki RobotsNagoya Diamond Dolphins71:90
 Kyoto HannaryzGunma Crane Thunders81:88
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaSan-en NeoPhoenix103:93*(16:6)
 Utsunomiya BrexNagoya Fighting Eagles74:59
 Akita Northern HappinetsOsaka Evessa85:79
 Shiga LakestarsShimane Susanoo Magic80:108
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsChiba Jets Funabashi70:89
 Hiroshima DragonfliesAlvark Tokyo71:74
 01-20 2023Sun Rockers ShibuyaSan-en NeoPhoenix63:74
 01-18 2023Ryukyu Golden KingsNagoya Fighting Eagles76:64
 Shiga LakestarsHiroshima Dragonflies73:88
 Chiba Jets FunabashiIbaraki Robots100:91
 Gunma Crane ThundersAlvark Tokyo68:79
 Kawasaki Brave ThundersSeaHorses Mikawa86:74
 Kyoto HannaryzOsaka Evessa87:77
 Levanga HokkaidoUtsunomiya Brex70:85
 Niigata Albirex BBYokohama B-Corsairs75:88
 San-en NeoPhoenixToyama Grouses102:92
 Sendai 89ersAkita Northern Happinets65:93
 Shimane Susanoo MagicNagoya Diamond Dolphins77:84
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaShinshu Brave Warriors71:91
 01-11 2023Alvark TokyoLevanga Hokkaido106:88
 Ryukyu Golden KingsShimane Susanoo Magic80:81
 Osaka EvessaHiroshima Dragonflies74:86
 Utsunomiya BrexSendai 89ers62:55
 Akita Northern HappinetsChiba Jets Funabashi63:74
 Gunma Crane ThundersIbaraki Robots66:89
 Nagoya Diamond DolphinsShiga Lakestars85:62
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesKyoto Hannaryz94:87
 San-en NeoPhoenixNiigata Albirex BB97:79
 SeaHorses MikawaShinshu Brave Warriors53:67
 Sun Rockers ShibuyaKawasaki Brave Thunders74:81
 Toyama GrousesYokohama B-Corsairs71:104
 01-08 2023Alvark TokyoKawasaki Brave Thunders88:73
 Gunma Crane ThundersSendai 89ers87:77
 Kyoto HannaryzSun Rockers Shibuya81:76
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesToyama Grouses91:79
 SeaHorses MikawaChiba Jets Funabashi82:92
 Utsunomiya BrexNagoya Diamond Dolphins67:70
 Shiga LakestarsAkita Northern Happinets87:99
 Shimane Susanoo MagicIbaraki Robots82:78
 Yokohama B-CorsairsRyukyu Golden Kings70:76
 Osaka EvessaLevanga Hokkaido110:108*(12:10)
 01-07 2023Alvark TokyoKawasaki Brave Thunders75:64
 Osaka EvessaLevanga Hokkaido91:83
 Gunma Crane ThundersSendai 89ers85:64
 Kyoto HannaryzSun Rockers Shibuya88:94
 Nagoya Fighting EaglesToyama Grouses81:72
 SeaHorses MikawaChiba Jets Funabashi79:95
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsNiigata Albirex BB74:80
 Utsunomiya BrexNagoya Diamond Dolphins80:79
 Hiroshima DragonfliesSan-en NeoPhoenix84:74
 Shiga LakestarsAkita Northern Happinets77:84
 Shimane Susanoo MagicIbaraki Robots103:84
 Yokohama B-CorsairsRyukyu Golden Kings67:51
 01-06 2023Hiroshima DragonfliesSan-en NeoPhoenix93:81
 Shinshu Brave WarriorsNiigata Albirex BB73:62
* - after overtime

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