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Basketball. China. CBA 2021-2022

Tournament table on 04-26-2022

   stats iconHead-to-head
Liaoning Flying LeopardsZhejiang Guangsha Lions3-0  98: 75    99: 90   100: 82  
1/ 2 FinalSeriesResults
Liaoning Flying LeopardsGuangdong Southern Tigers3-0  92: 79    96: 83   117:116* 
Zhejiang Guangsha LionsShanghai Sharks3-0 108: 93   106: 96   103:100  
1/ 4 FinalSeriesResults
Liaoning Flying LeopardsShanxi Loongs2-0 116:104   115:109  
Shanghai SharksShenzhen Aviators2-0 120:118    87: 82  
Zhejiang Guangsha LionsJilin Northeast Tigers2-0  93: 84   110:100  
Zhejiang Golden BullsGuangdong Southern Tigers0-2  98: 99    82: 97  
1/ 8 FinalSeriesResults
Guangdong Southern TigersTianjin Ronggang Pioneers2-0 124:101   122:104  
Shenzhen AviatorsShandong Heroes2-0 115:101   120:108  
Guangzhou Loong LionsShanxi Loongs1-2 101:120   106: 95    93:114  
Beijing DucksJilin Northeast Tigers0-2 102:104    75: 80  
* - after overtime

TeamPWWOLOLBalls •••%Form
1.Liaoning Flying Leopards3832006106.4-93.7  12.784.2 W  W  W  W  W 
2.Zhejiang Guangsha Lions3831007107.0-91.0  16.081.6 W  W  W  L  W 
3.Shanghai Sharks38280010111.1-99.8  11.373.7 L  L  L  W  L 
4.Zhejiang Golden Bulls38281010104.2-91.8  12.473.7 W  W  L  L  L 
5.Guangdong Southern Tigers38260112103.1-96.3  6.768.4 l  W  W  W  L 
6.Shenzhen Aviators38260112106.5-99.8  6.768.4 W  L  L  W  W 
7.Beijing Ducks3824011497.9-86.6  11.363.2 W  L  L  W  W 
8.Guangzhou Loong Lions38230115100.0-98.7  1.460.5 L  W  W  W  W 
9.Shanxi Loongs38232115110.2-106.6  3.760.5 W  W  W  L  W 
10.Jilin Northeast Tigers3822001698.6-97.4  1.257.9 W  L  W  W  W 
11.Shandong Heroes38201018103.2-103.2  0.052.6 w  W  W  L  L 
12.Tianjin Ronggang Pioneers38190119104.0-105.8 -1.850.0 L  W  W  W  W 
13.Xinjiang Flying Tigers38181120103.5-104.2 -0.747.4 W  L  W  L  W 
14.Beijing Royal Fighters3818202095.1-95.0  0.147.4 W  W  L  L  L 
15.Qingdao Eagles3813002596.6-98.4 -1.834.2 L  W  L  W  W 
16.Sichuan Blue Whales3812002691.4-103.5 -12.131.6 L  L  W  L  L 
17.Fujian Sturgeons387103199.0-110.8 -11.818.4 L  L  L  L  L 
18.Jiangsu Dragons385013384.8-98.9 -14.113.2 L  L  L  W  L 
19.Ningbo Rockets383003587.5-109.0 -21.57.9 L  L  L  L  L 
20.Nanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings382003691.9-111.3 -19.45.3 L  L  L  L  L 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

1 - 4 : to Play off
5 -12 : to Play off (placement matches)

CBA is the main (strongest) basketball tournament/championship in China.


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Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws 
Basketball. China. CBA: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Points (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence 
Basketball. China. CBA: Points - home-away
TotalQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
Basketball. China. CBA: Points - scored by periods

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 10-16-2021 - 04-26-2022

Statistics of points in graphs and Mathematics

Basketball. China. CBA: Match total and Gauss (Normal) distribution

Quantity of matches (sample size): 802, period of time: 10-17-2020 - 04-26-2022

Basketball. China. CBA: 
stats iconStatistics and Mathematics (expanded) 

Results of tournament matches

 04-26 2022Zhejiang Guangsha LionsLiaoning Flying Leopards82:100 (18:31,  17:33,  20:20,  27:16)Final
 04-22 2022Zhejiang Guangsha LionsLiaoning Flying Leopards90:99 (28:24,  13:27,  25:31,  24:17)Final
 04-20 2022Liaoning Flying LeopardsZhejiang Guangsha Lions98:75 (24:22,  25:24,  24:11,  25:18)Final
 04-17 2022Shanghai SharksZhejiang Guangsha Lions100:103 1/ 2
 04-16 2022Guangdong Southern TigersLiaoning Flying Leopards116:117*(12:13)1/ 2
 04-15 2022Zhejiang Guangsha LionsShanghai Sharks106:96 1/ 2
 04-14 2022Liaoning Flying LeopardsGuangdong Southern Tigers96:83 1/ 2
 04-13 2022Zhejiang Guangsha LionsShanghai Sharks108:93 1/ 2
 04-12 2022Liaoning Flying LeopardsGuangdong Southern Tigers92:79 1/ 2
 04-10 2022Jilin Northeast TigersZhejiang Guangsha Lions100:110 1/ 4
 Shenzhen AviatorsShanghai Sharks82:87 1/ 4
 04-09 2022Shanxi LoongsLiaoning Flying Leopards109:115 1/ 4
 Guangdong Southern TigersZhejiang Golden Bulls97:82 1/ 4
 04-08 2022Shanghai SharksShenzhen Aviators120:118 1/ 4
 Zhejiang Guangsha LionsJilin Northeast Tigers93:84 1/ 4
 04-07 2022Zhejiang Golden BullsGuangdong Southern Tigers98:99 1/ 4
 Liaoning Flying LeopardsShanxi Loongs116:104 1/ 4
 04-05 2022Guangzhou Loong LionsShanxi Loongs93:114 1/ 8
 04-04 2022Shandong HeroesShenzhen Aviators108:120 1/ 8
 Jilin Northeast TigersBeijing Ducks80:75 1/ 8
 04-03 2022Tianjin Ronggang PioneersGuangdong Southern Tigers104:122 1/ 8
 Shanxi LoongsGuangzhou Loong Lions95:106 1/ 8
 04-02 2022Beijing DucksJilin Northeast Tigers102:104 1/ 8
 Shenzhen AviatorsShandong Heroes115:101 1/ 8
 04-01 2022Guangzhou Loong LionsShanxi Loongs101:120 1/ 8
 Guangdong Southern TigersTianjin Ronggang Pioneers124:101 1/ 8
 03-22 2022Shandong HeroesGuangdong Southern Tigers111:110*(12:11)
 Shanxi LoongsShanghai Sharks151:128
 Xinjiang Flying TigersTianjin Ronggang Pioneers124:119
 Zhejiang Guangsha LionsJiangsu Dragons97:80
 03-21 2022Liaoning Flying LeopardsSichuan Blue Whales134:90
 Ningbo RocketsBeijing Ducks84:118
 Guangzhou Loong LionsShenzhen Aviators104:119
 Jilin Northeast TigersQingdao Eagles120:100
 Beijing Royal FightersFujian Sturgeons109:92
 Nanjing Tongxi Monkey KingsZhejiang Golden Bulls78:127
 03-20 2022Guangdong Southern TigersXinjiang Flying Tigers118:99
 Sichuan Blue WhalesShanxi Loongs101:119
 Shanghai SharksZhejiang Guangsha Lions80:122
 Tianjin Ronggang PioneersNingbo Rockets113:98
 03-19 2022Beijing DucksShandong Heroes89:96
 Jiangsu DragonsLiaoning Flying Leopards95:108
 Fujian SturgeonsGuangzhou Loong Lions75:98
 Zhejiang Golden BullsJilin Northeast Tigers115:100
 Qingdao EaglesNanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings104:82
 Shenzhen AviatorsBeijing Royal Fighters107:126
 03-18 2022Shanghai SharksLiaoning Flying Leopards101:121
 Xinjiang Flying TigersBeijing Ducks111:100
 Ningbo RocketsGuangdong Southern Tigers80:106
 Shanxi LoongsJiangsu Dragons114:84
 03-17 2022Shandong HeroesFujian Sturgeons113:102
 Zhejiang Golden BullsZhejiang Guangsha Lions101:104
 Nanjing Tongxi Monkey KingsSichuan Blue Whales106:110
 Shenzhen AviatorsGuangzhou Loong Lions114:120
 03-16 2022Beijing Royal FightersTianjin Ronggang Pioneers112:116
 Qingdao EaglesJilin Northeast Tigers80:98
 Beijing DucksNingbo Rockets106:70
 Shanghai SharksShanxi Loongs135:111
 03-15 2022Jiangsu DragonsNanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings99:91
 Tianjin Ronggang PioneersShandong Heroes134:124
 Guangzhou Loong LionsFujian Sturgeons125:107
 Jilin Northeast TigersZhejiang Golden Bulls115:111
 03-14 2022Guangdong Southern TigersBeijing Royal Fighters109:80
 Sichuan Blue WhalesLiaoning Flying Leopards85:121
 Xinjiang Flying TigersShenzhen Aviators104:105
 Zhejiang Guangsha LionsQingdao Eagles96:103
 03-13 2022Guangzhou Loong LionsGuangdong Southern Tigers120:101
 Liaoning Flying LeopardsZhejiang Golden Bulls101:82
 Beijing Royal FightersBeijing Ducks81:97
 Shanxi LoongsSichuan Blue Whales117:99
 03-12 2022Jiangsu DragonsJilin Northeast Tigers95:109
 Ningbo RocketsTianjin Ronggang Pioneers88:110
 Shandong HeroesShenzhen Aviators106:111
 Zhejiang Guangsha LionsShanghai Sharks101:95
 Fujian SturgeonsXinjiang Flying Tigers134:140
 Nanjing Tongxi Monkey KingsQingdao Eagles98:119
 03-11 2022Tianjin Ronggang PioneersBeijing Royal Fighters115:93
 Zhejiang Golden BullsShanxi Loongs111:109*(14:12)
 Guangdong Southern TigersNingbo Rockets111:88
 Liaoning Flying LeopardsJiangsu Dragons101:75
* - after overtime

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