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Baseball. Korea Republic. KBO 2023

Tournament table on 11-13-2023

   stats iconHead-to-head
LG TwinsKT Wiz Suwon4-1  2:3      5:4      8:7     15:4      6:2    
1/ 2 FinalSeriesResults
KT Wiz SuwonNC Dinos3-2  5:9      2:3      3:0     11:2      3:2    
1/ 4 FinalSeriesResults
SSG LandersNC Dinos0-3  3:4      3:7      6:7    
Placement matchesSeriesResults
NC DinosDoosan Bears1-0 14:9    

1.LG Twins14486256767-6105.3-4.2  1.160.4
2.KT Wiz Suwon14479362672-6164.7-4.3  0.455.9
3.SSG Landers14476365658-6984.6-4.8 -0.353.8
4.NC Dinos14475267679-6174.7-4.3  0.452.8
5.Doosan Bears14474268620-6254.3-4.3  0.052.1
6.KIA Tigers14473269726-6505.0-4.5  0.551.4
7.Lotte Giants14468076653-6604.5-4.6  0.047.2
8.Samsung Lions14461182636-7284.4-5.1 -0.642.7
9.Hanwha Eagles14458680604-7084.2-4.9 -0.742.4
10.Kiwoom Heroes14458383607-7104.2-4.9 -0.741.3

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••• Average for match.

  1 -  5 : to Play off

Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws
Baseball. Korea Republic. KBO: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Runs (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence
Baseball. Korea Republic. KBO: Runs - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches for the period 04-01-2023 - 11-13-2023

Results of tournament matches

 11-13 2023LG TwinsKT Wiz Suwon6:2 Final
 11-11 2023KT Wiz SuwonLG Twins4:15 Final
 11-10 2023KT Wiz SuwonLG Twins7:8 Final
 11-08 2023LG TwinsKT Wiz Suwon5:4 Final
 11-07 2023LG TwinsKT Wiz Suwon2:3 Final
 11-05 2023KT Wiz SuwonNC Dinos3:2 1/ 2
 11-03 2023NC DinosKT Wiz Suwon2:11 1/ 2
 11-02 2023NC DinosKT Wiz Suwon0:3 1/ 2
 10-31 2023KT Wiz SuwonNC Dinos2:3 1/ 2
 10-30 2023KT Wiz SuwonNC Dinos5:9 1/ 2
 10-25 2023NC DinosSSG Landers7:6 1/ 4
 10-23 2023SSG LandersNC Dinos3:7 1/ 4
 10-22 2023SSG LandersNC Dinos3:4 1/ 4
 10-19 2023NC DinosDoosan Bears14:9 PM
 10-17 2023KIA TigersNC Dinos7:1
 SSG LandersDoosan Bears5:0
 10-16 2023Doosan BearsSSG Landers2:3
 Hanwha EaglesLotte Giants2:7
 KIA TigersNC Dinos4:2
 10-15 2023Hanwha EaglesLotte Giants7:4
 LG TwinsDoosan Bears5:2
 NC DinosSamsung Lions5:3
 10-14 2023Hanwha EaglesLotte Giants8:0
 LG TwinsDoosan Bears2:3
 Samsung LionsSSG Landers5:3
 10-13 2023Doosan BearsKIA Tigers3:1
 NC DinosLG Twins8:4
 SSG LandersKiwoom Heroes3:2
 10-12 2023Doosan BearsNC Dinos11:1
 KIA TigersLotte Giants6:5
 10-11 2023KIA TigersKiwoom Heroes11:0
 Lotte GiantsDoosan Bears14:3
 10-10 2023KIA TigersSSG Landers5:6
 Kiwoom HeroesSamsung Lions5:3
 KT Wiz SuwonDoosan Bears5:4
 LG TwinsLotte Giants7:0
 NC DinosHanwha Eagles2:0
 10-09 2023KIA TigersSamsung Lions3:1
 LG TwinsLotte Giants1:8
 NC DinosHanwha Eagles11:6
 10-08 2023Doosan BearsLotte Giants2:1
 KIA TigersSamsung Lions2:1
 KT Wiz SuwonHanwha Eagles9:2
 NC DinosSSG Landers8:10
 10-07 2023Doosan BearsLotte Giants3:6
 Kiwoom HeroesLG Twins7:1
 KT Wiz SuwonHanwha Eagles17:0
 NC DinosSSG Landers3:2
 10-06 2023KT Wiz SuwonSamsung Lions2:6
 LG TwinsKIA Tigers2:3
 SSG LandersHanwha Eagles7:2
 10-05 2023KT Wiz SuwonKIA Tigers5:3
 Lotte GiantsLG Twins3:5
 Samsung LionsHanwha Eagles3:1
 SSG LandersNC Dinos4:3
 10-04 2023KT Wiz SuwonKIA Tigers3:2
 Lotte GiantsLG Twins6:7
 Samsung LionsHanwha Eagles7:11
 SSG LandersNC Dinos10:5
 KT Wiz SuwonKIA Tigers2:10
 10-03 2023Doosan BearsKiwoom Heroes5:6
 KT Wiz SuwonKIA Tigers1:3
 Lotte GiantsSamsung Lions10:4
 SSG LandersNC Dinos9:7
 10-02 2023Lotte GiantsSamsung Lions6:8
 Doosan BearsKiwoom Heroes7:2
 Hanwha EaglesNC Dinos10:0
 KT Wiz SuwonLG Twins4:5
 Lotte GiantsSamsung Lions8:9
 10-01 2023Doosan BearsLG Twins4:7
 Hanwha EaglesNC Dinos4:3
 KT Wiz SuwonKiwoom Heroes6:3
 Lotte GiantsSamsung Lions8:5
 SSG LandersKIA Tigers6:5
 09-30 2023Doosan BearsLG Twins3:1
 Samsung LionsNC Dinos3:1
 SSG LandersKIA Tigers4:3
 09-29 2023Doosan BearsLG Twins4:3
 Kiwoom HeroesKIA Tigers5:13
 Lotte GiantsHanwha Eagles9:1
 09-28 2023Kiwoom HeroesSSG Landers4:2
 LG TwinsSamsung Lions1:11
 Lotte GiantsHanwha Eagles3:0
 NC DinosKIA Tigers18:3
 09-27 2023Hanwha EaglesSamsung Lions4:0
 LG TwinsKT Wiz Suwon3:0
 NC DinosKIA Tigers1:6
 SSG LandersDoosan Bears6:3
 Hanwha EaglesSamsung Lions3:11
 LG TwinsKT Wiz Suwon4:0
 NC DinosKIA Tigers7:0
 SSG LandersDoosan Bears7:7
 09-26 2023NC DinosKIA Tigers4:6
() - Score of 1st half (five innings) and 2nd half

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