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Baseball. Korea Republic. KBO 2022

Tournament table on 06-28-2022

   stats iconHead-to-head
1.SSG Landers7446325356-2924.8-3.9  0.964.2 L  W  W  W  W 
2.Kiwoom Heroes7545129331-2884.4-3.8  0.660.7 W  W  W  L  W 
3.LG Twins7343129361-2904.9-4.0  1.059.6 W  W  W  L  W 
4.KIA Tigers7238133368-3425.1-4.8  0.453.5 L  L  W  W  W 
5.KT Wiz Suwon7335236299-2964.1-4.1  0.049.3 W  L  L  W  L 
6.Samsung Lions7435039305-3334.1-4.5 -0.447.3 L  W  W  L  L 
7.Doosan Bears7132237342-3274.8-4.6  0.246.5 D  W  L  L  L 
8.Lotte Giants7231338297-3424.1-4.8 -0.645.1 D  L  L  W  L 
9.NC Dinos7227243274-3193.8-4.4 -0.638.9 L  L  L  L  W 
10.Hanwha Eagles7224147293-3974.1-5.5 -1.434.0 W  L  L  W  L 

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Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws
Baseball. Korea Republic. KBO: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Runs (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence
Baseball. Korea Republic. KBO: Runs - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches for the period 04-02-2022 - 06-28-2022

Statistics of runs in graphs and Mathematics

Baseball. Korea Republic. KBO: Match total and Pascal (Negative Binomial) distribution

Quantity of matches (sample size): 585, period of time: 08-31-2021 - 06-26-2022

Baseball. Korea Republic. KBO: 
stats iconStatistics and Mathematics (expanded) 

Match results and fixtures, odds

 06-29 2022Hanwha EaglesSSG Landers 
 Kiwoom HeroesKIA Tigers 
 LG TwinsNC Dinos 
 Lotte GiantsDoosan Bears 
 Samsung LionsKT Wiz Suwon 
 06-28 2022Hanwha EaglesSSG Landers6:3
 2.54 11.30  1.72  6.0%
 Kiwoom HeroesKIA Tigers5:2
 1.68 10.62  2.68  6.0%
 LG TwinsNC Dinos5:0
 1.69 11.06  2.62  6.0%
 Lotte GiantsDoosan Bears3:3
 2.21 10.68  1.93  6.0%
 Samsung LionsKT Wiz Suwon4:14
 2.17 10.01  1.99  6.0%
 06-26 2022Doosan BearsKIA Tigers8:4
 Hanwha EaglesSamsung Lions2:6
 KT Wiz SuwonLG Twins1:3
 Lotte GiantsKiwoom Heroes4:9
 SSG LandersNC Dinos7:3
 06-25 2022Doosan BearsKIA Tigers6:8
 Hanwha EaglesSamsung Lions2:5
 KT Wiz SuwonLG Twins2:7
 Lotte GiantsKiwoom Heroes5:13
 SSG LandersNC Dinos8:1
 06-24 2022Doosan BearsKIA Tigers3:4
 Hanwha EaglesSamsung Lions3:0
 KT Wiz SuwonLG Twins9:6
 Lotte GiantsKiwoom Heroes5:1
 SSG LandersNC Dinos14:2
 06-23 2022KIA TigersLotte Giants7:4
 KT Wiz SuwonNC Dinos
 LG TwinsHanwha Eagles
 Samsung LionsKiwoom Heroes1:6
 SSG LandersDoosan Bears
 06-22 2022KIA TigersLotte Giants5:7
 KT Wiz SuwonNC Dinos0:11
 LG TwinsHanwha Eagles6:5
 Samsung LionsKiwoom Heroes0:6
 SSG LandersDoosan Bears6:5
 06-21 2022KIA TigersLotte Giants6:5
 KT Wiz SuwonNC Dinos8:1
 LG TwinsHanwha Eagles10:4
 Samsung LionsKiwoom Heroes3:4
 SSG LandersDoosan Bears2:16
 06-19 2022Doosan BearsKT Wiz Suwon1:7
 KIA TigersSamsung Lions3:7
 Lotte GiantsSSG Landers7:4
 NC DinosHanwha Eagles6:3
 Kiwoom HeroesLG Twins2:4
 06-18 2022Doosan BearsKT Wiz Suwon5:0
 KIA TigersSamsung Lions2:6
 Lotte GiantsSSG Landers5:10
 NC DinosHanwha Eagles3:2
 Kiwoom HeroesLG Twins2:0
 06-17 2022Doosan BearsKT Wiz Suwon2:4
 KIA TigersSamsung Lions5:3
 Kiwoom HeroesLG Twins2:4
 Lotte GiantsSSG Landers2:6
 NC DinosHanwha Eagles1:1
 06-16 2022Hanwha EaglesLotte Giants0:3
 Kiwoom HeroesDoosan Bears6:2
 KT Wiz SuwonSSG Landers0:6
 LG TwinsSamsung Lions2:1
 NC DinosKIA Tigers2:4
 06-15 2022Hanwha EaglesLotte Giants5:11
 Kiwoom HeroesDoosan Bears3:4
 KT Wiz SuwonSSG Landers6:3
 LG TwinsSamsung Lions3:6
 NC DinosKIA Tigers7:2
 06-14 2022Hanwha EaglesLotte Giants
 Kiwoom HeroesDoosan Bears2:0
 KT Wiz SuwonSSG Landers5:4
 LG TwinsSamsung Lions7:0
 NC DinosKIA Tigers
 06-12 2022KIA TigersKiwoom Heroes8:10
 LG TwinsDoosan Bears9:6
 Lotte GiantsKT Wiz Suwon13:0
 Samsung LionsNC Dinos4:2
 SSG LandersHanwha Eagles13:11
 06-11 2022KIA TigersKiwoom Heroes5:2
 LG TwinsDoosan Bears4:5
 Lotte GiantsKT Wiz Suwon0:4
 Samsung LionsNC Dinos1:4
 SSG LandersHanwha Eagles4:2
 06-10 2022KIA TigersKiwoom Heroes6:10
 LG TwinsDoosan Bears10:7
 Lotte GiantsKT Wiz Suwon4:9
 Samsung LionsNC Dinos1:9
 SSG LandersHanwha Eagles9:2
 06-09 2022Doosan BearsHanwha Eagles16:7
 KIA TigersLG Twins5:1
 Kiwoom HeroesKT Wiz Suwon1:7
 Lotte GiantsSamsung Lions7:6
 NC DinosSSG Landers5:4
 06-08 2022Doosan BearsHanwha Eagles1:5
 KIA TigersLG Twins7:11
 Kiwoom HeroesKT Wiz Suwon5:5
 Lotte GiantsSamsung Lions2:4
 NC DinosSSG Landers2:2
 06-07 2022Doosan BearsHanwha Eagles3:1
 Kiwoom HeroesKT Wiz Suwon3:0
 Lotte GiantsSamsung Lions4:7
 NC DinosSSG Landers6:2
 06-05 2022KT Wiz SuwonKIA Tigers2:2
 LG TwinsSSG Landers0:2
 06-04 2022Hanwha EaglesKiwoom Heroes3:4
 KT Wiz SuwonKIA Tigers4:3
 LG TwinsSSG Landers6:2
 NC DinosLotte Giants2:3
 Samsung LionsDoosan Bears8:16
 06-03 2022Hanwha EaglesKiwoom Heroes14:2
 KT Wiz SuwonKIA Tigers5:2
 LG TwinsSSG Landers7:1
 NC DinosLotte Giants5:1
 Samsung LionsDoosan Bears8:5
 06-02 2022Doosan BearsKIA Tigers3:4
 Hanwha EaglesNC Dinos3:4
 Kiwoom HeroesSamsung Lions6:5
 Lotte GiantsLG Twins2:2
 SSG LandersKT Wiz Suwon1:14
 06-01 2022Doosan BearsKIA Tigers3:7
 Hanwha EaglesNC Dinos3:0
 Kiwoom HeroesSamsung Lions2:4
 Kiwoom HeroesSamsung Lions2:4
 Lotte GiantsLG Twins5:14
 SSG LandersKT Wiz Suwon2:1
 05-31 2022Doosan BearsKIA Tigers10:13
 Hanwha EaglesNC Dinos5:10
 Kiwoom HeroesSamsung Lions3:2
 Lotte GiantsLG Twins7:5
 SSG LandersKT Wiz Suwon1:2
 05-29 2022KIA TigersSSG Landers7:9
 KT Wiz SuwonHanwha Eagles4:12
 LG TwinsSamsung Lions4:8
 Lotte GiantsKiwoom Heroes0:4
 NC DinosDoosan Bears0:1
() - Score of 1st half (five innings) and 2nd half

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