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Poisson and Severyn distributions - Sever(μ, v)

Sever function

Severyn distribution (formulas will be given later) is a discrete probability distribution that accurately describes the random variable "number of goals scored by a team in a football (hockey, bandy, ...) match".

List of graphs (functions)

1 Gamma functionΓ, γ
2 X power to xXx (X^x)
3 Exponential functionexp
4 Logarithm functionlog, ln, lg
5 Log-Normal distributionLN(μ, σ2)
6 Normal distributionN(μ, σ2)
7 Normal Discrete distributionND(μ, σ2)
8 Poisson distributionPois(μ)
9 Severyn distributionSever(μ, v)
10 Sine, Cosecantsin, cosec (csc)
11 Cosine, Secantcos, sec
12 Tangent, Cotangenttan (tg), ctn (ctg)

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