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Odds Manager Application

The "Odds Manager" application is designed to automatically create a bookmaker's (betting) odds and "Doing the match" in the course of the game (InPlay).
Currently, the application only works with football matches.
To create a betting odds you must enter the following parameters:

· Odds for the market "Match Result" (Win_1-Draw-Win_2) and, optionally, odds for the market "Goals Over / Under"
  or the estimated number of goals each team (Goals_1 and Goals_2) and control to a draw result (Draw Tuning);

· Typical percentage of goals in the first half (with respect to the match);

· Size of the inning and stoppage time for halves (only InPlay).

If a match has started then you must also specify the current score, score of the first half of the match and the current match time. Betting odds parameters can be set (adjusted) at any point in the match. The line will automatically change (calculated) from the time the match.

Odds Manager - No Free download (Version 1.0 Beta • Windows • 1.75MB)
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