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Volleyball. Germany. Bundesliga 2022-2023

Tournament table on 03-26-2023

stats iconHead-to-head
1/ 4 FinalResults
Berlin VolleysTSV Unterhaching  3:0 
SVG LuneburgNetzhoppers KW  3:1 
SWD DurenTSV Herrsching  3:1 
VfB Friedrichs­hafenHelios Grizzlys Giesen  2:3 

1.Berlin Volleys22184117011257-1975.0 / 0.055 L  W  W  W  L 
2.VfB Friedrichs­hafen2216684405153-3063.9 / 0.044 W  L  L  L  L 
3.Helios Grizzlys Giesen23149103133351-3261.4 / 0.044 L  W  W  L  W 
4.SVG Luneburg2214885125151-3162.2 / 0.043 W  L  W  L  W 
5.TSV Herrsching2314958121647-3756.0 / 0.043 W  W  W  W  L 
6.SWD Duren2213956216247-3756.0 / 0.038 L  W  L  W  W 
7.Netzhoppers KW2371632227732-5437.2 / 0.021 W  W  L  L  W 
8.TSV Unterhaching23419301151319-5924.4 / 0.012 L  L  L  W  L 
9.Olimpia Berlin2002000002182-603.2 / 0.00 L  L  L  L  L 

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Bundesliga is the main (strongest) volleyball tournament/championship in Germany.


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Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws  
Volleyball. Germany. Bundesliga: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Points (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence  

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 10-08-2022 - 03-26-2023

Results of tournament matches

 03-26 2023VfB Friedrichs­hafenHelios Grizzlys Giesen2:3 1/ 4
 SWD DurenTSV Herrsching3:1 1/ 4
 03-25 2023Berlin VolleysTSV Unterhaching3:0 1/ 4
 SVG LuneburgNetzhoppers KW3:1 1/ 4
 03-19 2023VfB Friedrichs­hafenBerlin Volleys3:1
 TSV UnterhachingNetzhoppers KW0:3
 03-18 2023SVG LuneburgSWD Duren3:1
 03-15 2023TSV HerrschingHelios Grizzlys Giesen3:0
 Olimpia BerlinNetzhoppers KW1:3
 03-13 2023Olimpia BerlinTSV Herrsching0:3
 03-12 2023SWD DurenVfB Friedrichs­hafen3:1
 Berlin VolleysSVG Luneburg3:0
 03-11 2023Helios Grizzlys GiesenTSV Unterhaching3:0
 Netzhoppers KWTSV Herrsching1:3
 03-05 2023TSV UnterhachingTSV Herrsching0:3
 03-04 2023VfB Friedrichs­hafenSVG Luneburg1:3
 Helios Grizzlys GiesenNetzhoppers KW3:0
 03-03 2023SWD DurenBerlin Volleys1:3
 02-22 2023TSV HerrschingNetzhoppers KW2:3

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