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Handball. France. LNH Division 1 2018-2019

Tournament table on 02-14-2019

1.Paris SG141310438-34931.3-24.9  6.427 W  W  W  W  W 
2.Nantes141202414-36929.6-26.4  3.224 W  L  W  W  W 
3.Montpellier141112403-36728.8-26.2  2.623 W  W  L  W  W 
4.Chambery Savoie141013392-35928.0-25.6  2.421 L  W  L  L  W 
5.Nimes141013406-38929.0-27.8  1.221 W  L  L  W  W 
6.Pays d'Aix14707390-36527.9-26.1  1.814 W  W  W  W  L 
7.Saint Raphael14626411-38829.4-27.7  1.614 L  W  L  L  W 
8.Tremblay14446383-40627.4-29.0 -1.612 L  D  D  W  L 
9.Toulouse14428408-41029.1-29.3 -0.110 W  W  W  W  L 
10.Dunkerque14428336-34924.0-24.9 -0.910 L  D  L  L  L 
11.Cesson14329327-37323.4-26.6 -3.38 D  L  L  L  L 
12.Ivry142210330-37523.6-26.8 -3.26 D  L  D  L  W 
13.Pontault-Combault142012341-41824.4-29.9 -5.54 L  L  W  L  L 
14.Istres140212351-41325.1-29.5 -4.42 L  L  L  L  L 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

1 - 2 : to Champions League
13 -14 : to lower League

LNH Division 1 (alternative/former name: National Handball League) is the main (strongest) handball tournament/championship in France.

Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws
Handball. France. LNH Division 1: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Goals (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence
Handball. France. LNH Division 1: Goals - home-away
TotalHalf 1Half 2 
Handball. France. LNH Division 1: Goals - scored by periods

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 09-05-2018 - 02-14-2019

Statistics of goals in graphs and Mathematics

Handball. France. LNH Division 1: Match total and Poisson distribution

Handball. France. LNH Division 1: 
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Match results

 02-14 2019Chambery SavoieNantes24:26 (14:14, 10:12)
 02-13 2019Paris SGDunkerque30:23 (17:9, 13:14)
 IvryCesson18:18 (14:8, 4:10)
 Pontault-CombaultPays d'Aix28:29 (13:14, 15:15)
 TremblayToulouse23:35 (11:17, 12:18)
 IstresMontpellier30:31 (14:17, 16:14)
 NimesSaint Raphael30:28 (16:12, 14:16)

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