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Football. France. National Championship 2023-2024

Tournament table on 05-10-2024

   stats iconHead-to-head
1.Red Star Paris33188751-321.5-1.0  0.662 L  L  L  L  W 
2.FC Martigues33168943-291.3-0.9  0.456 L  W  W  D  L 
3.Chamois Niort331671055-411.7-1.2  0.455 W  L  L  L  W 
4.FC Rouen33159941-321.2-1.0  0.354 L  W  W  L  D 
5.AS Nancy331491050-441.5-1.3  0.251 L  W  L  W  W 
6.Dijon FCO331491045-411.4-1.2  0.151 W  D  W  W  W 
7.FC Le Mans3313101047-431.4-1.3  0.149 L  D  W  D  W 
8.Socheaux Montbeliard3312111050-431.5-1.3  0.247 L  D  W  W  L 
9.FC Versailles3312101140-321.2-1.0  0.246 L  W  D  W  W 
10.Nimes Olympique3311111136-421.1-1.3 -0.244 W  W  W  W  L 
11.US Orleans Loiret3311101235-361.1-1.1  0.043 W  D  D  L  L 
12.Berrichonne Chateauroux3310121140-421.2-1.3 -0.142 W  W  L  L  L 
13.FC Villefranche339111334-421.0-1.3 -0.238 W  L  L  D  D 
14.US Avranches331151736-561.1-1.7 -0.638 W  L  W  W  L 
15.Marignane Gignac339101436-481.1-1.5 -0.437 W  L  L  L  L 
16.GOAL FC331071642-461.3-1.4 -0.137 W  L  L  W  L 
17.SAS Epinal33961837-471.1-1.4 -0.333 L  D  W  L  W 
18.SO Cholet33852032-541.0-1.6 -0.729 L  D  L  D  W 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

  1 -  2 : to higher League
 13 - 18 : to lower League

Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws  
Football. France. National Championship: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Goals (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence  
Football. France. National Championship: Goals - home-away
TotalHalf 1Half 2   
Football. France. National Championship: Goals - scored by periods
Over / Under
72.7%  /  27.3%45.5%  /  54.5%23.6%  /  76.4%

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 08-11-2023 - 05-10-2024

Statistics of goals in graphs and Mathematics

Football. France. National Championship: Match total and Poisson distribution

Quantity of matches (sample size): 1258, period of time: 02-07-2020 - 05-10-2024

Football. France. National Championship: 
stats iconStatistics and Mathematics (expanded) 

Results of tournament matches

 05-10 2024AS NancyBerrichonne Chateauroux1:3 (0:3,  1:0)
 Chamois NiortFC Le Mans2:0 (0:0,  2:0)
 Dijon FCOFC Martigues3:2 (2:1,  1:1)
 FC VersaillesGOAL FC0:1 (0:0,  0:1)
 Marignane GignacFC Rouen2:0 (1:0,  1:0)
 Nimes OlympiqueSocheaux Montbeliard4:2 (2:0,  2:2)
 SAS EpinalFC Villefranche1:2 (0:2,  1:0)
 SO CholetUS Avranches0:2 (0:0,  0:2)
 US Orleans LoiretRed Star Paris2:1 (1:0,  1:1)
 05-04 2024FC RouenChamois Niort4:2 (2:1,  2:1)
 05-03 2024FC MartiguesMarignane Gignac2:1 (2:1,  0:0)
 FC Le MansSO Cholet3:3 (2:2,  1:1)
 GOAL FCNimes Olympique1:2 (1:1,  0:1)
 Red Star ParisFC Versailles1:2 (1:1,  0:1)
 SAS EpinalUS Orleans Loiret0:0 (0:0,  0:0)
 Socheaux MontbeliardDijon FCO0:0 (0:0,  0:0)
 US AvranchesAS Nancy0:3 (0:0,  0:3)
 Berrichonne ChateaurouxFC Villefranche1:0 (0:0,  1:0)
 04-29 2024Nimes OlympiqueRed Star Paris1:0 (1:0,  0:0)
 04-26 2024AS NancyFC Le Mans3:6 (2:2,  1:4)
 Berrichonne ChateaurouxSAS Epinal1:4 (1:3,  0:1)
 Dijon FCOGOAL FC3:0 (1:0,  2:0)
 FC VersaillesUS Orleans Loiret0:0 (0:0,  0:0)
 FC VillefrancheUS Avranches0:1 (0:0,  0:1)
 Marignane GignacSocheaux Montbeliard1:2 (0:2,  1:0)
 SO CholetFC Rouen1:2 (1:1,  0:1)
 Chamois NiortFC Martigues1:3 (1:2,  0:1)
 04-22 2024Socheaux MontbeliardChamois Niort2:1 (2:0,  0:1)

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