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Basketball. Turkey. Super League 2022-2023

Tournament table on 01-28-2023

   stats iconHead-to-head
TeamPWWOLOLBalls •••PtsForm
1.Fenerbahce Istanbul171510285.5-76.6  8.932 W  W  W  W  W 
2.Turk Telekom Ankara161311385.1-75.4  9.629 W  W  W  W  L 
3.Pinar Karsiyaka Izmir161210486.4-82.2  4.228 W  L  W  W  L 
4.Bursaspor Basketbol161100582.2-78.3  3.927 L  W  L  W  W 
5.Anadolu Efes Istanbul151002585.5-78.3  7.325 W  W  L  W  l 
6.Bahcesehir Istanbul17810974.7-77.5 -2.825 L  L  W  W  W 
7.Darussafaka Istanbul16800879.8-83.1 -3.324 L  W  L  W  L 
8.Tofas Bursa177001080.1-79.6  0.524 W  L  L  L  L 
9.Gaziantep Basketbol176001175.4-75.9 -0.623 W  L  L  W  L 
10.Buyukcek­mece Istanbul176001178.0-81.5 -3.523 L  W  W  L  L 
11.Merkezefendi Denizli15710878.6-80.9 -2.322 L  W  W  L  W 
12.Konyaspor166021077.6-80.7 -3.122 L  L  L  W  W 
13.Galatasaray Istanbul166101077.6-78.6 -0.922 L  L  L  L  L 
14.Manisa BB165011174.8-82.9 -8.121 W  W  L  W  l 
15.Petkim Spor Izmir155001075.9-81.5 -5.620 L  L  L  L  W 
16.Besiktas Istanbul164001277.0-81.6 -4.620 W  L  L  L  W 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

  1 -  8 : to Play off
 15 - 16 : to lower League

Super League (alternative/former name: Basketball Super League - BSL, TBL) is the main (strongest) basketball tournament/championship in Turkey.


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Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws 
Basketball. Turkey. Super League: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Points (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence 
Basketball. Turkey. Super League: Points - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 09-30-2022 - 01-28-2023

Statistics of points in graphs and Mathematics

Basketball. Turkey. Super League: Match total and Gauss (Normal) distribution

Quantity of matches (sample size): 2324, period of time: 01-28-2013 - 05-29-2022

Basketball. Turkey. Super League: 
stats iconStatistics and Mathematics (expanded) 

Match results and fixtures, odds

 01-29 2023Anadolu Efes IstanbulPetkim Spor Izmir 
 Besiktas IstanbulManisa BB 
 Merkezefendi DenizliDarussafaka Istanbul 
 01-28 2023Fenerbahce IstanbulBuyukcek­mece Istanbul82:69
 1.57 19.71  2.75  5.0%
 Pinar Karsiyaka IzmirGalatasaray Istanbul103:91
 1.74 19.00  2.35  5.0%
 Gaziantep BasketbolBahcesehir Istanbul69:60
 1.53 20.04  2.87  5.0%
 Turk Telekom AnkaraBursaspor Basketbol84:63
 1.76 18.92  2.32  5.0%
 01-27 2023Tofas BursaKonyaspor79:76
 1.48 20.39  3.04  5.0%
 01-23 2023Petkim Spor IzmirMerkezefendi Denizli
 01-22 2023Galatasaray IstanbulAnadolu Efes Istanbul70:80
 Bursaspor BasketbolGaziantep Basketbol85:82
 Buyukcek­mece IstanbulTofas Bursa94:81
 Bahcesehir IstanbulFenerbahce Istanbul87:93
 01-21 2023Darussafaka IstanbulTurk Telekom Ankara79:97
 Manisa BBPinar Karsiyaka Izmir80:76
 KonyasporBesiktas Istanbul60:77
 01-16 2023Anadolu Efes IstanbulMerkezefendi Denizli96:77
 01-15 2023Darussafaka IstanbulGaziantep Basketbol78:74
 Bursaspor BasketbolFenerbahce Istanbul84:100
 Manisa BBGalatasaray Istanbul85:72
 01-14 2023Bahcesehir IstanbulTofas Bursa89:84
 Petkim Spor IzmirTurk Telekom Ankara70:89
 KonyasporPinar Karsiyaka Izmir71:82
 01-13 2023Buyukcek­mece IstanbulBesiktas Istanbul82:69
 01-09 2023Galatasaray IstanbulMerkezefendi Denizli83:100
 01-08 2023Turk Telekom AnkaraAnadolu Efes Istanbul85:70
 Gaziantep BasketbolPetkim Spor Izmir86:55
 Pinar Karsiyaka IzmirBuyukcek­mece Istanbul104:102
 01-07 2023Fenerbahce IstanbulDarussafaka Istanbul95:82
 Tofas BursaBursaspor Basketbol82:83
 Besiktas IstanbulBahcesehir Istanbul67:71
 01-06 2023Manisa BBKonyaspor79:80
 01-02 2023Bursaspor BasketbolBesiktas Istanbul88:74
 Petkim Spor IzmirFenerbahce Istanbul71:76
 12-31 2022Anadolu Efes IstanbulGaziantep Basketbol77:73
 Darussafaka IstanbulTofas Bursa88:82
 Bahcesehir IstanbulPinar Karsiyaka Izmir78:73
 KonyasporGalatasaray Istanbul76:73
 12-30 2022Merkezefendi DenizliTurk Telekom Ankara78:68
 Buyukcek­mece IstanbulManisa BB69:78
 12-28 2022Bursaspor BasketbolDarussafaka Istanbul97:71

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