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Basketball. Germany. Bundesliga 2023-2024

Tournament table on 12-03-2023

   stats iconHead-to-head
TeamPWWOLOLBalls •••PtsForm
1.Niners Chemnitz10900186.7-73.4  13.318 W  W  W  W  W 
2.Ratiopharm Ulm10810291.6-88.5  3.116 L  W  W  w  W 
3.Riesen Ludwigsburg10700389.0-79.4  9.614 W  W  W  L  W 
4.Telecom Bonn10710389.3-81.9  7.414 W  W  W  w  L 
5.Alba Berlin9600393.7-83.7  10.012 L  L  W  W  W 
6.Bayern Munchen9601385.6-76.9  8.712 W  W  l  L  W 
7.Rasta Vechta10610486.5-78.9  7.612 L  L  W  W  L 
8.Hamburg Towers10610483.7-86.7 -3.012 W  L  W  w  W 
9.BC Wurzburg9500478.8-73.1  5.710 W  W  L  W  L 
10.Baskets Oldenburg10501583.6-82.0  1.610 L  L  L  l  W 
11.Brose Bamberg10400689.4-92.7 -3.38 L  W  W  L  L 
12.Rostock Seawolves10420687.9-91.7 -3.88 W  L  W  L  L 
13.Mittel­deutscher Weissenfels10300784.3-87.2 -2.96 L  L  W  W  W 
14.Lowen Braunschweig10302780.8-85.6 -4.86 L  L  l  L  W 
15.Tigers Tubingen10311782.4-91.6 -9.26 L  W  w  L  L 
16.BG Gottingen9211783.4-95.4 -12.04 W  L  L  L  l 
17.USC Heidelberg10201880.2-89.6 -9.44 L  L  W  L  L 
18.Crailsheim Merlins10201876.1-93.4 -17.34 W  L  L  L  L 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

  1 -  8 : to Play off
 17 - 18 : to lower League

Bundesliga is the main (strongest) basketball tournament/championship in Germany.

Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws 
Basketball. Germany. Bundesliga: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Points (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence 
Basketball. Germany. Bundesliga: Points - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 09-27-2023 - 12-03-2023

Statistics of points in graphs and Mathematics

Basketball. Germany. Bundesliga: Match total and Gauss (Normal) distribution

Quantity of matches (sample size): 3152, period of time: 12-01-2013 - 11-28-2023

Basketball. Germany. Bundesliga: 
stats iconStatistics and Mathematics (expanded) 

Results of tournament matches

 12-03 2023Baskets OldenburgNiners Chemnitz58:79
 1.84 17.79  2.20  5.0%
51.5%  5.3% 43.1%      
 Alba BerlinBayern Munchen 1.68 17.99  2.49  5.0%
56.6%  5.3% 38.2%      
 Lowen BraunschweigTelecom Bonn94:102
 1.86 17.66  2.18  5.0%
51.0%  5.4% 43.7%      
 Ratiopharm UlmRostock Seawolves89:107
 1.37 20.39  3.67  5.0%
69.4%  4.7% 25.9%      
 12-02 2023Crailsheim MerlinsTigers Tubingen87:84
 1.90 17.66  2.13  5.0%
50.0%  5.4% 44.6%      
 USC HeidelbergRiesen Ludwigsburg72:75
 2.21 17.82  1.84  5.0%
43.1%  5.3% 51.6%      
 BG GottingenBrose Bamberg92:85
 1.98 17.46  2.04  5.0%
47.9%  5.4% 46.7%      
 Mittel­deutscher WeissenfelsHamburg Towers81:86
 1.74 18.13  2.36  5.0%
54.5%  5.2% 40.3%      
 12-01 2023BC WurzburgRasta Vechta87:75
 2.25 17.79  1.81  5.0%
42.1%  5.3% 52.5%      
 11-28 2023BG GottingenRiesen Ludwigsburg76:104
 Brose BambergRostock Seawolves93:83
 11-27 2023Mittel­deutscher WeissenfelsBC Wurzburg72:88
 11-26 2023Riesen LudwigsburgAlba Berlin87:79
 Tigers TubingenBaskets Oldenburg93:84
 Rasta VechtaBayern Munchen81:85
 Telecom BonnUSC Heidelberg92:69
 11-25 2023Rostock SeawolvesBG Gottingen96:92
 Brose BambergLowen Braunschweig92:78
 Ratiopharm UlmCrailsheim Merlins94:87
 11-24 2023Niners ChemnitzHamburg Towers96:87
 11-20 2023Crailsheim MerlinsUSC Heidelberg86:93
 11-19 2023BC WurzburgRatiopharm Ulm83:88
 Alba BerlinMittel­deutscher Weissenfels75:108
 Bayern MunchenRiesen Ludwigsburg92:84
 BG GottingenTelecom Bonn77:101
 11-18 2023Baskets OldenburgRasta Vechta67:85
 Hamburg TowersBrose Bamberg94:90
 Lowen BraunschweigTigers Tubingen87:92*(10:15)
 11-17 2023Niners ChemnitzRostock Seawolves85:75
 11-12 2023Tigers TubingenNiners Chemnitz68:106
 Telecom BonnBayern Munchen88:83*(13:8)
 Alba BerlinLowen Braunschweig92:64
 Brose BambergRiesen Ludwigsburg90:102
 11-11 2023Rasta VechtaCrailsheim Merlins96:58
 USC HeidelbergBC Wurzburg54:87
 Baskets OldenburgRatiopharm Ulm94:98*(7:11)
 BG GottingenHamburg Towers118:123*(23:28)
 11-10 2023Rostock SeawolvesMittel­deutscher Weissenfels85:97
 11-06 2023Tigers TubingenAlba Berlin81:97
 11-05 2023Ratiopharm UlmTelecom Bonn105:87
 Riesen LudwigsburgRostock Seawolves96:77
 Lowen BraunschweigBayern Munchen83:81
 USC HeidelbergBrose Bamberg90:109
 11-04 2023BC WurzburgNiners Chemnitz68:70
 Crailsheim MerlinsBaskets Oldenburg63:99
 Mittel­deutscher WeissenfelsBG Gottingen97:89
 11-03 2023Hamburg TowersRasta Vechta85:81
* - after overtime

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