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Baseball. World Championship 2011

Tournament table on 10-15-2011

stats iconHead-to-head
NetherlandsCuba   2:1  
For 5-th placeResults
AustraliaKorea Republic   3:2  
For 7-th placeResults
PanamaVenezuela   3:8  

Stage 2
1.Netherlands44023-55.8-1.2  4.5100.0
2.Cuba43124-156.0-3.8  2.275.0
3.USA43119-144.8-3.5  1.275.0
4.Australia42214-83.5-2.0  1.550.0
5.Canada42213-153.2-3.8 -0.550.0
6.Panama41321-215.2-5.2  0.025.0
7.Korea Republic4137-161.8-4.0 -2.225.0
8.Venezuela40410-372.5-9.2 -6.80.0
Stage 1
Group APWLBalls•••%Form
1.Netherlands76149-167.0-2.3  4.785.7
2.Canada76142-216.0-3.0  3.085.7
3.Panama75247-306.7-4.3  2.471.4
4.USA74340-255.7-3.6  2.157.1
5.Puerto Rico73428-264.0-3.7  0.342.9
6.Chinese Taipei72529-394.1-5.6 -1.428.6
7.Japan72520-322.9-4.6 -1.728.6
8.Greece70710-761.4-10.9 -9.40.0
Group BPWLBalls•••%Form
1.Cuba77054-67.7-0.9  6.9100.0
2.Korea Republic75234-224.9-3.1  1.771.4
3.Venezuela75235-495.0-7.0 -2.071.4
4.Australia74339-475.6-6.7 -1.157.1
5.Dominican Republic73452-287.4-4.0  3.442.9
6.Italy73427-283.9-4.0 -0.142.9
7.Nicaragua71618-472.6-6.7 -4.114.3
8.Germany70726-583.7-8.3 -4.60.0

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••• Average for match.

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Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws
Baseball. World Championship: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Runs (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence
Baseball. World Championship: Runs - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches for the period 10-02-2011 - 10-15-2011

Results of tournament matches

 10-15 2011NetherlandsCuba2:1 (2:1)Final
 AustraliaKorea Republic3:2 (3:2)5-th
 PanamaVenezuela3:8 (3:8)7-th
 10-14 2011VenezuelaNetherlands2:12 (0:8)S2
 CubaPanama7:2 (7:2)S2
 VenezuelaUSA4:7 (4:1)S2
 CanadaCuba2:8 (2:7)S2
 Korea RepublicUSA1:3 (0:2)S2
 PanamaAustralia4:5 (2:3)S2
 10-13 2011CubaNetherlands1:4 (1:4)S2
 PanamaKorea Republic4:5 (3:1)S2
 CanadaKorea Republic4:0 (4:0)S2
 NetherlandsAustralia2:1 (1:1)S2
 USAAustralia2:1 (0:0)S2
 CanadaVenezuela7:0 (7:0)S2
 10-11 2011VenezuelaPanama4:11 (1:10)S2
 CubaUSA8:7 (7:6)S2
 CanadaAustralia0:7 (0:6)S2
 NetherlandsKorea Republic5:1 (2:0)S2
 10-10 2011PanamaUSA0:5 (0:4)S1
 GreeceChinese Taipei0:15 (0:14)S1
 10-09 2011Dominican RepublicKorea Republic4:5 (4:0)S1
 NicaraguaCuba0:6 (0:3)S1
 PanamaNetherlands3:7 (3:5)S1
 Chinese TaipeiPuerto Rico3:1 (3:0)S1
 AustraliaGermany9:6 (9:3)S1
 VenezuelaItaly7:6 (2:1)S1
 GreeceJapan4:9 (2:2)S1
 USACanada1:6 (0:3)S1
 10-08 2011Korea RepublicItaly4:0 (1:0)S1
 NicaraguaDominican Republic1:16 (1:13)S1
 Puerto RicoJapan6:0 (6:0)S1
 AustraliaVenezuela15:0 (15:0)S1
 CubaGermany8:2 (4:2)S1
 NetherlandsCanada4:5 (2:2)S1
 10-07 2011ItalyCuba1:5 (0:2)S1
 CanadaPanama3:12 (3:6)S1
 Korea RepublicNicaragua6:4 (3:2)S1
 USANetherlands5:7 (2:7)S1
 GermanyVenezuela5:10 (5:9)S1
 Dominican RepublicAustralia9:11 (1:5)S1
 Puerto RicoGreece10:1 (4:1)S1
 JapanChinese Taipei3:1 (3:1)S1
 10-06 2011ItalyGermany7:2 (6:0)S1
 CanadaChinese Taipei4:0 (2:0)S1
 CubaKorea Republic4:1 (2:0)S1
 JapanPanama2:6 (2:3)S1
 VenezuelaDominican Republic6:3 (6:0)S1
 NetherlandsPuerto Rico5:0 (2:0)S1
 NicaraguaAustralia3:4 (3:3)S1
 USAGreece3:0 (3:0)S1
 10-05 2011JapanUSA3:7 (3:4)S1
 10-04 2011VenezuelaCuba2:14 (0:9)S1
 Korea RepublicAustralia8:0 (5:0)S1
 PanamaPuerto Rico4:2 (4:0)S1
 Chinese TaipeiUSA1:15 (1:10)S1
 GermanyDominican Republic2:13 (0:11)S1
 GreeceCanada2:12 (2:8)S1
 ItalyNicaragua6:3 (3:3)S1
 JapanNetherlands2:5 (1:4)S1
 10-03 2011Korea RepublicGermany6:5 (1:2)S1
 NicaraguaVenezuela2:5 (2:3)S1
 USAPuerto Rico4:8 (0:3)S1
 Chinese TaipeiPanama8:14 (4:11)S1
 AustraliaItaly0:7 (0:4)S1
 CanadaJapan3:1 (3:0)S1
 CubaDominican Republic3:0 (0:0)S1
 NetherlandsGreece19:0 (19:0)S1
 10-02 2011VenezuelaKorea Republic5:4 (3:0)S1
 Dominican RepublicItaly7:0 (2:0)S1
 AustraliaCuba0:14 (0:10)S1
 GermanyNicaragua4:5 (4:4)S1
 NetherlandsChinese Taipei2:1 (2:1)S1
 Puerto RicoCanada1:9 (0:4)S1
 10-01 2011PanamaGreece8:3 (3:3)S1
() - Score of 1st half (five innings) and 2nd half

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