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Baseball. Europe Championship 2023

Tournament table on 10-01-2023

stats iconHead-to-head
Great BritainSpain  2:11    
For 3-rd placeResults
NetherlandsGermany  5:4    
1/ 2 FinalResults
Great BritainGermany  8:4    
NetherlandsSpain  6:7    
1/ 4 FinalResults
GermanyFrance  6:5    
Great BritainCzech Republic 12:2    
NetherlandsIsrael 12:2    
SpainSweden 18:3    
Placement matchesResults
AustriaHungary 15:5    
BelgiumSwitzerland  8:3    
CroatiaBelgium  7:5    
Czech RepublicIsrael  5:1    
Czech RepublicFrance 11:1    
FranceSweden 13:0    
GreeceHungary 19:14    
GreeceUkraine  8:4    
ItalyCroatia  6:5    
AustriaUkraine  0:9    
SwedenIsrael  4:6    
SwitzerlandItaly  3:12    
CroatiaHungaryX  9:2    
ItalyUkraineX 15:0    
SwitzerlandAustriaX  9:2    
GreeceBelgiumX  4:5    

Group APWLBalls•••%Form
1.Spain33036-212.0-0.7  11.3100.0 W  W  W 
2.Czech Republic32123-97.7-3.0  4.766.7 L  W  W 
3.Greece31212-344.0-11.3 -7.333.3 W  L  L 
4.Austria3037-332.3-11.0 -8.70.0 L  L  L 
Group BPWLBalls•••%Form
1.Great Britain33037-1312.3-4.3  8.0100.0 W  W  W 
2.Sweden32125-148.3-4.7  3.766.7 W  W  L 
3.Italy31228-219.3-7.0  2.333.3 L  L  W 
4.Hungary30312-544.0-18.0 -14.00.0 L  L  L 
Group CPWLBalls•••%Form
1.Netherlands33040-513.3-1.7  11.7100.0 W  W  W 
2.Israel32125-118.3-3.7  4.766.7 W  L  W 
3.France32113-104.3-3.3  1.066.7 W  W  L 
4.Switzerland31213-314.3-10.3 -6.033.3 L  W  L 
Group DPWLBalls•••%Form
1.Germany33032-910.7-3.0  7.7100.0 W  W  W 
2.Croatia31214-194.7-6.3 -1.733.3 L  L  W 
3.Belgium30314-334.7-11.0 -6.30.0 L  L  L 
4.Ukraine3034-371.3-12.3 -11.00.0 L  L  L 

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••• Average for match.

  1 -  2 : to Play off

Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws
Baseball. Europe Championship: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Runs (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence
Baseball. Europe Championship: Runs - home-away

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches for the period 09-24-2023 - 10-01-2023

Results of tournament matches

 10-01 2023Great BritainSpain2:11 Final
 NetherlandsGermany5:4 3-rd
 09-30 2023Czech RepublicIsrael5:1 PM
 ItalyCroatia6:5 PM
 GreeceUkraine8:4 PM
 BelgiumSwitzerland8:3 PM
 FranceSweden13:0 PM
 AustriaHungary15:5 PM
 09-29 2023CroatiaBelgium7:5 PM
 Czech RepublicFrance11:1 PM
 NetherlandsSpain6:7 1/ 2
 GreeceHungary19:14 PM
 Great BritainGermany8:4 1/ 2
 SwedenIsrael4:6 PM
 SwitzerlandItaly3:12 PM
 AustriaUkraine0:9 PM
 09-28 2023CroatiaHungary9:2 PM
 Great BritainCzech Republic12:2 1/ 4
 NetherlandsIsrael12:2 1/ 4
 GreeceBelgium4:5 PM
 GermanyFrance6:5 1/ 4
 ItalyUkraine15:0 PM
 SpainSweden18:3 1/ 4
 SwitzerlandAustria9:2 PM
 09-26 2023SpainCzech Republic9:0
 ItalyGreat Britain10:11
 09-25 2023GermanyIsrael2:0
 Czech RepublicGreece14:0
 Great BritainHungary22:3
 09-24 2023Czech RepublicAustria9:0
 Great BritainSweden4:0
() - Score of 1st half (five innings) and 2nd half

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