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Rugby union. European Challenge Cup 2018-2019

Tournament table on 05-10-2019

Clermont (fra)Atlantique Stade Rochelais (fra)  36:16  
1/ 2 FinalResults
Atlantique Stade Rochelais (fra)Sale Sharks (eng)  24:20  
Clermont (fra)Harlequins (eng)  32:27  
1/ 4 FinalResults
Atlantique Stade Rochelais (fra)Bristol (eng)  39:15  
Clermont (fra)Northampton Saints (eng)  61:38  
Sale Sharks (eng)Connacht (irl)  20:10  
Worcester Warriors (eng)Harlequins (eng)  16:18  

Group 1PWDLBalls•••PtsForm
1.Clermont  (fra)6600304-11750.7-19.5  31.224 W  W  W  W  W 
2.Northampton Saints  (eng)6402282-12750.8-25.4  25.416 W  L  W  W  W 
3.Newport Dragons  (wal)6204179-20129.8-33.5 -3.78 L  W  L  L  L 
4.Timisoara Saracens  (rou)600649-3699.8-68.2 -58.40 L  L  L  L  L 
Group 2PWDLBalls•••PtsForm
1.Worcester Warriors  (eng)6501150-12525.0-20.8  4.220 W  W  W  L  W 
2.Section Paloise  (fra)630389-12714.8-21.2 -6.312 W  L  L  W  W 
3.Ospreys  (wal)6204141-10523.5-17.5  6.08 L  L  L  W  L 
4.Stade Francais Paris  (fra)6204140-16323.3-27.2 -3.88 L  W  W  L  L 
Group 3PWDLBalls•••PtsForm
1.Connacht  (irl)6501146-12024.3-20.0  4.320 W  W  W  W  L 
2.Sale Sharks  (eng)6402196-10832.7-18.0  14.716 W  L  L  W  W 
3.Bordeaux  (fra)6213137-17122.8-28.5 -5.710 L  W  W  L  D 
4.Perpignan  (fra)6015117-19719.5-32.8 -13.32 L  L  L  L  D 
Group 4PWDLBalls•••PtsForm
1.Atlantique Stade Rochelais  (fra)6501238-10439.7-17.3  22.320 W  W  L  W  W 
2.Bristol  (eng)6402267-10844.5-18.0  26.516 W  W  W  L  L 
3.Zebre Parma  (ita)6303153-14225.5-23.7  1.812 L  L  W  W  W 
4.Yenisey-STM Krasnoyarsk  (rus)6006103-40717.2-67.8 -50.70 L  L  L  L  L 
Group 5PWDLBalls•••PtsForm
1.Harlequins  (eng)6402179-11329.8-18.8  11.016 W  W  W  L  L 
2.Treviso  (ita)6402171-10628.5-17.7  10.816 W  W  L  W  L 
3.Agen  (fra)6204112-17618.7-29.3 -10.78 L  L  W  L  W 
4.Grenoble  (fra)620492-15915.3-26.5 -11.28 L  L  L  W  W 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

1 : to Play off (+3 other best)

Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws
Rugby union. European Challenge Cup: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Goals (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence
Rugby union. European Challenge Cup: Goals - home-away
TotalPeriod 1Period 2 
Rugby union. European Challenge Cup: Goals - scored by periods

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 10-12-2018 - 05-10-2019

Match results

 05-10 2019Clermont (fra)Atlantique Stade Rochelais (fra)36:16 (13:6, 23:10)Final
 04-20 2019Clermont (fra)Harlequins (eng)32:27 (26:8, 6:19)1/ 2
 Atlantique Stade Rochelais (fra)Sale Sharks (eng)24:20 (17:17, 7:3)1/ 2
 03-31 2019Clermont (fra)Northampton Saints (eng)61:38 (22:3, 39:35)1/ 4
 Atlantique Stade Rochelais (fra)Bristol (eng)39:15 (29:10, 10:5)1/ 4
 03-30 2019Worcester Warriors (eng)Harlequins (eng)16:18 (5:8, 11:10)1/ 4
 03-29 2019Sale Sharks (eng)Connacht (irl)20:10 (20:3, 0:7)1/ 4

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