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Football. Brazil. Serie B 2023

Tournament table on 06-03-2023

   stats iconHead-to-head
1.Vitoria Salvador1071220-62.0-0.6  1.422 W  D  W  L  L 
2.Gremio Novorizontino1062213-41.3-0.4  0.920 W  W  W  W  L 
3.Criciuma EC1062213-61.3-0.6  0.720 W  L  W  L  D 
4.Mirassol FC1061310-61.0-0.6  0.419 W  W  L  W  W 
5.Vila Nova FC852111-31.4-0.4  1.017 L  W  W  D  D 
6.Botafogo SP105239-110.9-1.1 -0.217 D  D  W  L  W 
7.Atletico Goianience1044214-161.4-1.6 -0.216 L  D  L  D  W 
8.Ceara Fortaleza1051411-131.1-1.3 -0.216 W  L  W  W  W 
9.Guarani Campinas943215-91.7-1.0  0.715 D  D  D  W  L 
10.Juventude EC1050513-101.3-1.0  0.315 W  W  W  W  L 
11.Sport Recife742113-51.9-0.7  1.114 W  L  W  D  W 
12.Sampaio Correa93338-100.9-1.1 -0.212 W  D  W  L  W 
13.Ponte Preta102446-110.6-1.1 -0.510 L  W  D  D  L 
14.Londrina EC931510-141.1-1.6 -0.410 L  L  W  W  L 
15.Ituano Sao Paolo1031610-141.0-1.4 -0.410 L  W  L  L  D 
16.Chapecoense FC1023513-141.3-1.4 -0.19 L  L  D  L  W 
17.Avai Florianopolis102267-180.7-1.8 -1.18 L  D  L  D  L 
18.Tombense FC101367-130.7-1.3 -0.66 D  D  L  L  L 
19.Clube Regatas Brasil81254-110.5-1.4 -0.95 L  L  L  W  D 
20.ABC Natal101185-180.5-1.8 -1.34 L  L  W  L  L 

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

  1 -  4 : to higher League
 17 - 20 : to lower League

Serie B is the second level football (soccer) tournament in Brazil.


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Tournament statistics

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws  
Football. Brazil. Serie B: Match results - wins, draws and losses
Goals (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence  
Football. Brazil. Serie B: Goals - home-away
TotalHalf 1Half 2   
Football. Brazil. Serie B: Goals - scored by periods
Over / Under
68.4%  /  31.6%40%  /  60%11.6%  /  88.4%

Statistics of the tournament was calculated according to the results of matches (in full time) for the period 04-14-2023 - 06-03-2023

Match results and fixtures, odds

 06-04 2023Londrina ECSport Recife 
 Guarani CampinasClube Regatas Brasil 1.47  3.70  9.74  5.0%
 06-03 2023Vila Nova FCSampaio Correa 1.85  3.03  5.44  5.0%
 ABC NatalGremio Novorizontino0:1 (0:0,  0:1)
 Mirassol FCPonte Preta1:0 (0:0,  1:0)
 Juventude ECAvai Florianopolis3:2 (2:1,  1:1)
 06-02 2023Criciuma ECAtletico Goianience3:0 (0:0,  3:0)
 Vitoria SalvadorItuano Sao Paolo3:0 (2:0,  1:0)
 Botafogo SPTombense FC0:0 (0:0,  0:0)
 Ceara FortalezaChapecoense FC2:0 (1:0,  1:0)
 05-29 2023Chapecoense FCSampaio Correa0:1 (0:1,  0:0)
 05-28 2023Tombense FCGuarani Campinas1:1 (0:1,  1:0)
 Sport RecifeABC Natal4:1 (1:1,  3:0)
 Ceara FortalezaGremio Novorizontino0:3 (0:1,  0:2)
 Mirassol FCCriciuma EC1:0 (0:0,  1:0)
 Ponte PretaVila Nova FC1:0 (1:0,  0:0)
 05-27 2023Atletico GoianienceBotafogo SP1:1 (0:0,  1:1)
 Avai FlorianopolisVitoria Salvador1:1 (0:1,  1:0)
 Clube Regatas BrasilJuventude EC1:2 (0:2,  1:0)
 Ituano Sao PaoloLondrina EC3:1 (2:1,  1:0)
 05-24 2023Criciuma ECSport Recife1:0 (1:0,  0:0)
 Sampaio CorreaPonte Preta0:0 (0:0,  0:0)
 Guarani CampinasChapecoense FC3:3 (3:1,  0:2)
 Juventude ECAtletico Goianience3:0 (2:0,  1:0)
 Londrina ECCeara Fortaleza1:3 (0:3,  1:0)
 Vila Nova FCItuano Sao Paolo1:0 (1:0,  0:0)
 Vitoria SalvadorClube Regatas Brasil1:0 (0:0,  1:0)
 05-23 2023ABC NatalTombense FC1:0 (0:0,  1:0)
 Gremio NovorizontinoAvai Florianopolis2:0 (0:0,  2:0)
 Botafogo SPMirassol FC1:0 (0:0,  1:0)

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