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Basketball. France. LNB Pro A. 2016/2017

France basketball championship - National Basketball League (LNB) Pro A

Standings on 04-25-2017

PWWOLOLBalls •••%Form
1.Monaco Basket292600383.7-72.2  11.589.7W W W W W
2.Elan Chalon282010782.0-74.2  7.875.0W W W W L
3.Strasbourg292001878.9-71.1  7.869.0W W W W W
4.Pau-Orthez291910977.7-74.8  2.969.0W L w L L
5.Nanterre281721879.2-75.2  4.067.9W L W W L
6.Paris Levallois2917201075.4-70.2  5.265.5W W W L W
7.Le Portel2915001472.8-71.2  1.651.7W L W W W
8.Graveline2915021278.0-77.9  0.151.7L L L W L
9.ASVEL Villeurbanne2913211373.7-74.8 -1.151.7W W L L W
10.Limoges2913101576.0-77.2 -1.248.3L W W W L
11.Le Mans2911001870.3-74.7 -4.337.9L L L L L
12.Cholet2910101874.3-77.9 -3.637.9W L W L W
13.Dijon289121671.7-73.2 -1.535.7L L L W W
14.Toulon2910001971.1-73.2 -2.234.5L L W L L
15.Olympique Antibes289021770.6-75.2 -4.632.1W l W L L
16.Reims299011977.4-84.2 -6.831.0L L L L L
17.Orleans297102169.2-77.6 -8.427.6L L L W L
18.Nancy297022073.9-80.9 -7.024.1L W L L L

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••• Average for match in full time (FT).

1 - 8 : to Play off
17 -18 : to lower League

LNB Pro A is the main (strongest) basketball tournament / championship in France.

Tournament statistics (full time)

Matches playedHome team winsAway team winsDraws 
Points (per match)
TotalHome teamAway teamDiffe­rence 
TotalQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4

Basketball. France. LNB Pro A - Match total and Gauss (Normal) distribution

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Last results

1.04-25 2017ToulonStrasbourg68:78 (10:20, 15:22, 22:19, 21:17)
2.04-25 2017Le MansLe Portel66:77 (15:26, 15:19, 24:13, 12:19)
3.04-25 2017NancyASVEL Villeurbanne77:85 (20:21, 16:16, 20:28, 21:20)
4.04-25 2017OrleansParis Levallois58:78 (20:21, 8:16, 15:22, 15:19)
5.04-25 2017Pau-OrthezGraveline94:83 (29:17, 20:18, 17:20, 28:28)
6.04-25 2017ReimsCholet71:76 (16:15, 18:22, 16:20, 21:19)
7.04-23 2017Monaco BasketLimoges92:88 (25:25, 22:16, 24:23, 21:24)

Teams from previous seasons

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2004-05Chalon Champagne

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